How to refund : For refund requests please include photos of all the items you have received

Step 1

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Take a photo of the packaging materials and the packages.

Step 2

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ake a close up photo of the shipping label.

Step 3

Take a clear photo of the packing slip without any obstruction. If the photo sent is not legible,  you may be asked to retake photos, so please make sure we can read it. We reserve the right to not process claims with no packing slip.

Step 4

Please send all of the photos you’ve taken along with your ORDER NUMBER using:

Send through our LIVE CHAT open 24/7

Our lawyers have advised us to create a refund policy even though we very rarely have a problem with getting our customers their products. Regardless, here it is:

A patient will only qualify for a refund if the medication wasn’t received in full, and 7 or more business days of the delivery date our delivery service provider quoted has elapsed. Refund policy Cannabis Genesis420.

Cannabis Genesis 420 has to review a refund case before issuing refund. This review will under normal conditions take 7-10 business days.

These terms and conditions guide your navigation in Cannabis Genesis420 and give you data about our services. When you avail on our offered services, you agree to these terms and conditions.

Cannabis Genesis420 is one of the largest cannabis dispensaries in USA. These Terms and Conditions thus establish an agreement between you and Cannabis Genesis420.

1. Ordering

1.1 Account Set-up

Before you can enjoy the online shopping of Cannabis Genesis420’s product you will be needed to create an account. To create one, you should do the following:

Go to the “My Account” page

Provide the needed details on the form

Click the “register” button

You are already a member of the page; hence, you can start creating orders. However, you must be strictly 19 years old and up because Cannabis Genesis420 will not allow those individuals ages 18 and below to do a purchase.

1.2 Placing Orders

Cannabis Genesis420 offers a hassle-free and convenient purchasing of products, all you need to do are:

Click on the page labeled as “Products,” and scan or examine the goods by clicking on the names of the products

Place the cursor to the merchandise of your choice. Afterward, click “Add to Cart” but if it has a certain variety you can click on “Select Options” before proceeding to “Add to Cart.”

Open your cart by clicking on “View Cart” so that you can check on the goods that you want to order.

Point the cursor to the button marked with “X” if you wish to delete some products. However, if you desire to lessen or add the number of products in your cart, just click on the signs “+” or “-” located at the side of the items. Afterward, update your cart by clicking the “Update Cart” button.

If everything is all set and you are ready to check out just click the button labeled “Proceed to Check Out.”

Recheck your order details, billing information, and shipping address.

Read and accept Cannabis Genesis420’s terms and conditions prior to placing your order(s).

After reading and accepting the terms and conditions, click “Place Order.” In moments that the placing of order failed, check if you are registered to Cannabis Genesis420 to ensure that you are eligible to make the purchase.

Choose the payment option you would like to use: “Bitcoin, Cash App, Zelle Pay, Apple Pay, Money Gram, or Western Union”

Send us a screenshot or image of your Payment receipt or proof of payment in order for Cannabis Genesis420 to proceed in the processing and shipping out of your purchase. Note, make sure that the proof of payment indicates “on-process” or “successful.”

1.3 Security of Orders

The products that you ordered will be handled and closed thoroughly so that the items and your privacy will be secured. Cannabis Genesis420 will be shipping through UPS, USPS, EMS, DHL & FeDEX to make sure that your purchase will be safely and immediately arrive at your doorstep.

1.4 Orders Out of USA

As of this time, Cannabis Genesis420 offers Discrete/Secure Worldwide shipping & delivery. Any orders that are addressed to a faulty address (an address which does not exist) will not push through. However, you are allowed to contact Cannabis Genesis420 occasionally to get updates regarding the matter.

1.5 After Payment Events

Once your payment is confirmed, the processing of your order will immediately push through and may consume at least 7-10 business days to get to your delivery address. “Processing” will be marked to your purchase. Take note that if the is not payment received then no processing of an order.

1.6 On Hold Orders

The moment that you make your purchase, Cannabis Genesis420’s system will instantly mark it “on hold.” The status of your order will only be changed to “processing” when your payment is already received by the cashiers. After a couple of days, the status will change into “shipped out.” Do know that orders marked as “processing” on Sundays will be shipped out when the shipping agencies are open, which is on Mondays.

When there is no payment that enters the system in a span of 48 hours, the “on hold” purchase will be automatically cancelled or deleted.

1.7 Cart not offering 35-45% Discounts

The discount doesn’t apply to anyone. The case is that you must be able to reach the minimum order so that you can avail of the discounts. Orders containing 3-8 single ounces of cannabis flowers that are added to the cart are the ones that will successfully be applied with the discounts. Cannabis Genesis420 also allows you to put over a single ounce of the same cannabis strain to be able to avail of the discount. However, if you wish to purchase the half and quarter pounds as individual items inside your cart, the discount will not push through.

1.8 Modifying or Cancelling of Orders

Cannabis Genesis420 regrets to inform you that changing or cancelling of purchase after placing is not allowed. If the act is necessary, then you are required to contact us so that we can do the modification and cancellation in your place. In the event that you want to change your orders, please communicate and instruct us on which product to change. Afterward, wait for our instructions for the payment of the modified order. Whatever points that were utilized during the order cancellation will be directly put in your account.

1.9 Boveda Package

Have you ever heard of a Boveda Package? It is a humidity package that aims to enhance the quality of your cannabis by placing the exact level of humidity for marijuana. This package is indeed a good addition to your order, but do note that it is not mandatory to get one. Cannabis Genesis420 has a video demo of using the package located on the “Product” page of the site for your benefit.

2. Payment

2.1 The Basics

Check the online portal or mobile app of your bank account and go to any of our payment option (Bitcoin, Cash App, Zelle Pay, Apple Pay, Money Gram, or Western Union). You are allowed to contact your bank immediately after you decide to make a purchase or go to the nearest branch if you need any help.

Proceed with the money transfer by following the steps provided by the bank.

Cannabis Genesis420 will give you a confidential word, for security purposes, during the payment. The classified word will be delivered to you the moment you are done checking out the desired product. We encourage you to read the instructions thoroughly, which can be found at the bottom of the page right after you click the “check out” option.

There are instructions provided about the method that you need to conduct in order to process the payment along with the invoice. Once the payment is confirmed, Cannabis Genesis420 will send your shipment/delivery tracking code.

2.2 Payment Methods

Bitcoin, Cash App, Zelle Pay, Apple Pay, Money Gram, or Western Union are the payment method that Cannabis Genesis420 accepts. Hence, it is only offered if you — the customer, possesses an online or mobile banking account. The guidelines for the payment will be given upon checking out of the product/s. At the minute that you are done placing your order, Cannabis Genesis420 will send you an invoice together with the other instructions — like security question, contact details, answer to finish the payment procedure. Please make sure that you secure a copy of the information to avoid inconvenience. However, if you fail to give the complete data required, please contact us, and don’t forget to mention your Order # and Cannabis Genesis420 will happily answer your concern.

2.3 Taxes

Taxes are being charged on the items, which are already incorporated in the prices.

2.4 Shipping Fees

Cannabis Genesis420 is glad to inform you that every order above $99 is being shipped WITHOUT CHARGES.

2.5 After Payment

Once your done with payment, expect that Cannabis Genesis420 will immediately process your order/s. However, it may consume at least two business days. The placed order/s will be labeled as “processing,” but the processing will not push through if there’s no payment IS NOT CONFIRMED by the CASHIER.

2.6 Payment Not Yet Accepted

If there is still no confirmation for payment acceptance, please do not worry. Take note that if you check out the products and sent the payment on weekdays prior, the placed order will be immediately processed and shipped on that particular day. In cases that the transaction was created after the cut-off, it will still be collected but on the evening of that specific business day; hence, the shipment of the order will be done on the following day.

However, if you are doing the transaction on weekends, except that the processing and shipping out of your desired products will be done on Monday because of the shortened work hours of Cannabis Genesis420’s accountant. Worry not because an email will be sent to you confirming your payment.

3. Shipping

3.1 Shipping Duration

One of the most common inquiries from customers is “How long does it take to get my order?” Worry not because Cannabis Genesis420 provides you with free express shipping on every order above $99!

Please take note that the free express shipping commonly arrives around 2-3 business days within USA. But note express shipping out of USA that is other countries usually takes 3-14 business days arrive.

3.2 Tracking Number Not Yet Provided

When your payment is confirm and your order is marked “processing” but Cannabis Genesis420 still didn’t give you a tracking number at 8 PM EST, please reach out to the site immediately so customer service will give you the answers to your queries. But if your purchase is marked “on hold,” Cannabis Genesis420 has not yet received any payments and still waiting for an invoice.

3.3 Late Delivery/No Delivery Updates

Please note that the provided tracking number will tell you the expected delivery date; however, it is not the accurate date for your parcel to be delivered. There are times that your order will arrive earlier than the indicated date of delivery. But in cases when it is already past the delivery date and there’s no updates regarding your order, please do not hesitate to contact Cannabis Genesis420. On the subject line of your email, indicate your order number and wait for the assistance by one of our customer service representatives.

When your concern reaches us, the customer service representative will immediately get in touch with the shipping agency in charge to raise your concern and open a ticket of service for your parcel. The moment that shipping agency in charge opens your service ticket, they will search for your package right away. However, the location of your parcel may take around 1 to 3 business days. When Cannabis Genesis420 usually demands for a package tracing, your order will not basically arrive at your door step on the following day, but worry not because we ensure you that our customer service representative will support you until you receive your order. J

3.4 Package Failed to Reach the Customer

Although this is situation doesn’t happen frequently, Cannabis Genesis420 guarantees you that your order will get an all-inclusive insurance. That means that in cases that shipping agency in charge marks your package as lost or stolen package; we will fully replace your order. Cannabis Genesis420 wants to keep the trust that consumers gave, as well as provide customers with a good amount of confidence and comfort in their shopping at Cannabis Genesis420. However, we will not give a replacement order if the tracking number of your parcel indicates “Delivered.”

3.5 Shipping Agency Tracking Number Indicates “Electronic Information Submitted by Shipper”

If the provided tracking number says that electronic data is sent by the shipper, then do not worry. Cannabis Genesis420 is given the choice to produce a tracking number in our establishment to guarantee effectiveness on packing and shipping out of your purchase. It is basically conducted to provide you with easy access and tracking experience for your order the moment it is dropped and scanned by the shipping agency in charged. This particular update will typically come between 7:30 to 8 PM Los Angeles, California , USA time. At that moment, you can immediately see some information regarding the shipped out parcel because it has embarked on its journey to your place.

3.6 Shipping/Delivery Tracking Number Indicates “Successfully Delivered” But Order Didn’t Arrive or Order Wasn’t Updated on the Tracking Page

The partner shipping company of Cannabis Genesis420, which is shipping agency in charge with your parcel, probably sent your order to the wrong address by accident. The delivery staff may sometimes drop your orders at the doorstep of your neighbor or to a completely different address. You may be required to politely go to the neighboring houses and ask if a package with your name on it arrived in their vicinity. If not, then you can contact Cannabis Genesis420 costumer services to track your parcel received it.

In some cases, the postal staff will mark the order as “Successfully Delivered” when hasn’t yet reached your place. However, do not worry because it usually arrives at your doorstep the following business day upon scanning. Please allocate some extra time to observe for your order’s arrival.

4. Cannabis Genesis420 and Shipping Company In Charge Your Parcel

4.1 From Shipping Company We Work With

“When our Track tool indicates that a letter or parcel was successfully delivered, it means the item arrived as addressed. Some addresses do not have deliveries directly to your door; you may need to check a second location like a mailroom, front desk, or safe drop location. Also, check with everyone in the household as another member of the house may have received or retrieved the item.

If a signature is shown on Track, see if it matches anyone in the household who may have signed for the item, as we deliver to the address and not to the name on the item.”

4.2 Postal Staff Requiring Signature

For security and documentation purposes, signatures are being asked from recipients every time they receive a package. It is also necessary in securing your orders and investments. In cases that you do not want to affix your signature upon receiving the items, please create a note on Cannabis Genesis420’s “Check Out” page and write a detailed and solid reason as to why you are against the act. When you haven’t provided a note upon check out and your package is already tagged as “Delivered” by UPS, USPS, EMS, DHL & FeDEX, then Cannabis Genesis420 has no responsibility and liability on your order if it is considered lost.

4.3 Signature Necessary for Order

Cannabis Genesis420 exclusively ships out orders that require a signature. There is no exception. Hence, if you do not fancy receiving packages that demand your signature, do know that we are not liable for any lost parcels if the tracking number indicates “Delivered.” If you also do not desire to sign on your parcel, just leave a note upon check out saying that our packaging department is allowed to ship out your order with no signature.

4.4 Package Sent to another Area Indicated in Tracking Page

It is suggested that you check out smaller items if you are worried about the security of your packages. The moment that your order is confirmed to be stolen, there will be no refunds for it. That said, you are checking out items at your own risk.

4.5 Shipping Company Not Updating Tracking Page

Occasionally, Shipping Company fails to update the scan or data of some packages. As a result, the parcel on the tracking page will appear to be still on process or undelivered. Note that most of the purchases arrive at your place at least 3 business days; but, it can be delayed in some cases because of unforeseen situations. If it is already the 5th day since the shipping out, please reach out to Cannabis Genesis420 immediately so we can raise the issue to Shipping Company in charge of your parcel.

4.6 Unique Shipping Service

Again, parcel theft is not a big deal in other areas; however, it is a popular concern in areas with a recorded population that doesn’t reach 2,500. Cannabis Genesis420 suggests to not placing an extremely big purchase in order to be safe from parcel theft. It is due to the fact that we are not responsible for confiscated or lost packages.

4.7 Incorrect Address but Order Already on Process

Cannabis Genesis420 is not liable to packages that have been received by the wrong hands due to the customer’s fault. That said, place orders at your own risks and be mindful while making your purchase. Update the shipping and/or billing address right away or reach out to one of our staff immediately.