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AAA grade cannabis, also known as “trips”, are high quality, potent weed with respectable THC levels. You will also find very good levels of aesthetics, bud size, trichome, cannabinoid and terpene content. In the past, AAA was the highest grade you can go in USA, but in recent times, the improvements that cultivators have been making have opened up an even more premium AAAA grade class. For more budget friendly strains, check out our AA grades.


What is AAA Grade Weed?

While going through any online marijuana dispensary, AAA grade weed is the one you will find the most. In fact, many dispensaries only stock AAA and above.Why? Because everything in this grade and above is lush green, thick, with purple, yellow and orange hairs and full of visible trichome crystals.The widespread availability of AAA grade weed is completely justified by it’s high demand. With moderate THC and CBD levels, a pungent aroma, and just enough trichomes to fulfill all of your desires.But what most people like about this grade, is that it is easy on the budget, and still packs enough of a punch to fulfill all of your needs. AAA grade weed strains will hit you just right, and just enough for you to let go of all your tensions and enjoy your weekend the way you were supposed to.Meanwhile, our AAA savitas will also make sure that your emotions and energy get the boost you need at the end of a busy week, and make sure you are completely recharged.

Our Top Selling AAA Grade Weed Strains

When it comes to AAA grade weed, users will find that nearly every online dispensary stocks and sells this quality, and there really isn’t that much of a difference in quality between them. However, what many dispensaries do compete on are the varieties and prices of AAA quality weed they offer.Because grade AAA does not really promise the extremely high quality weed required by heavy users, and instead is bought more by average and normal users, it is not very expensive. Due to the moderate THC levels, the prices tend to be budget friendly as well. Which is why many people favour AAA grade weed.Which is why at Cannabis Genesis420, we stock some of the most demanded variants and strains. In our collection of grade AAA sativas and indicas, you will be able to find a lot of premium quality and budget friendly options. Each strain has been carefully processed and packed, and contains enough THC to give you the buzz you desperately need.Some of our highest rated and most purchased AAA grade strains are:
  • Rockstar AAA
  • Purple Kush AAA
  • Alpha OG
  • Huckleberry
  • White Widow

AAA vs. AAAA Grade Weed

People often wonder about the differences between the different grades of weed, such as the difference between AAA and AAAA, or between AAAA and AAAAA. However, not all dispensaries are able to answer these questions, because not all of them have quality control standards.One such difference people ask about is between AAA and AAAA grade weed. But you do not need to worry, because Cannabis Genesis420 has your answer.Both AAA and AAAA grades have high quality weed with thick, colorful flowers and high THC levels. However, an AAAA strain tends to be stronger, thicker and have a more powerful and more pungent aroma. It is more suited to the needs of a heavy user, or someone who has had a really stressful week. The weed will affect you straight away, and leave you properly stoned.AAA quality on the other hand also packs a nice punch, and will help you relax quickly and efficiently. However, it’s THC levels are lower than that of AAAA quality, and it also has a lighter smell. As a result, it is better suited for the occasional and average users who only want to relax and recharge.

The Best Grade AAA Weed in USA (Other countries included)

Perhaps the most widely bought and sought after quality of weed in USA (Other countries included) is the AAA or triple A category. While it is not nearly as strong as the AAAA or AAAAA grades, it still has thick, greenish flowers with many trichome crystals of purple, orange and yellow color, with each flower packing just enough THC to give an average user of weed the high they need to get over a month’s worth of anxiety, stress, and exhaustion.While nearly all online dispensaries do stock grade AAA weed, not all of them have the same products or even the same quality. This is simply because of the fact that there is no standardised grading system for weed. Each dispensary conducts its own quality checks and grades its own products.However, as one of the oldest dispensaries in business, Cannabis Genesis420 has some of the strictest quality standards in the industry. Each flower goes through careful grading and curating processes, where it is checked not only for its color and appearance, but also for any defects, burn to ash ratio, and side effects. Only after all this, the flower is made available for sale to the public.As a result, our customers at Cannabis Genesis420 can rest assured that they are receiving only the best quality, AAA grade weed which they want, and which is just right to meet their needs. Simply go through our reviews and assure yourself of our high quality standards and products.