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Want to take a break from smoking? Cannabis Genesis420 has got you covered with our extensive catalog of weed edibles. Here you’ll find everything from candies, gummies, chocolates, baked goods, and even liquids from many of the top edible brands in the USA including Twisted Extracts, Mystic Medibles, Milky Way Extracts, and more!

Edibles! Experienced cannabis users know that the way you consume weed can make a huge difference in the impact you feel from it. While people traditionally default smoking bud. The popularization of marijuana concentrates has given rise to alternative ways of using cannabis and these concentrates can provide a different kind of experience.

  • This leads us to marijuana edibles.
  • What are edibles?
  • How are edibles different?
  • What edibles do Cannabis Genesis420  have in store for you?

Read on to find out and shop our top-notch collection of edibles.

What Are Cannabis Edibles?

Marijuana edibles are a type of cannabis product that can be ingested in the form of food and beverages. These cannabis-infused food or drink products are made with cannabinoid compounds that have been extracted from marijuana plants. Common cannabinoids found in cannabis edibles are Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD), which are responsible for producing certain effects when ingested. Common edibles include baked goods, candy gummies, or capsules.

How Are Cannabis Edibles Metabolized?

Smoking weed or ingesting it can make a big difference in your experience with cannabis. The major difference between the two methods is the way the cannabis is metabolized. The way you ingest your marijuana, whether orally or through diffusion, can cause the weed to metabolize at different times and rates. The amount of time it takes for a person to feel the effects of edibles depends on how quickly the body processes it through the gastrointestinal tract. This means the effects from the cannabis may take a longer time to kick in but can also last longer. One of the main reasons a person may feel a stronger impact from edibles is due to the fact that a larger concentration of the cannabinoids may travel to the liver, which is responsible for conducting many of the metabolic functions within the body.

Making Cannabis Edibles

While many dispensaries will sell edibles, some users might prefer to make edibles themselves with bud or cannabis oils. If you decide to go the homemade route, be sure to understand what kind of effects you’d like to experience. This means understanding the properties of Indica vs. Sativa strains of marijuana. For cannabis edibles that will be used during the daytime, you’ll likely want to use a Sativa strain, while Indica is more fit for nighttime edibles. Baking edibles is one of the most popular ways incorporate marijuana into food, and it often starts with cannabis-infused butter. For a quick and simple recipe, check out How to Make Cannabis-Infused Butter from Leafly.

Buy Cannabis Edibles Online from Cannabis Genesis 420

Cannabis Genesis420 has the highest quality cannabis to both make edibles from scratch or buy them ready-made. From bud to concentrates for cooking, infusing and baking, to cannabis-infused gummies that are ready to enjoy, we have the perfect edible product for your needs. Shop Cannabis Genesis420 and get the best cannabis edibles on the market.

Best cannabis edibles in USA (Other countries included)

Cannabis edibles are a form of cannabis product which can be easily consumed in the form of food and beverages. They come in many different forms and flavors, and can include everything from beer, to small candies.The effects of ingesting weed are highly different than those of smoking it. An edible will not kick in at once, and instead take anywhere between 30 to 90 minutes to properly settle in. However, the effects do last longer and can keep you calm and relaxed for anywhere between 4 and 8 hours.Which is why you should always choose to purchase your cannabis edibles from a trusted source. As one of the oldest dispensaries operating in USA (Other countries included), Cannabis Genesis 420 stocks over 35 different brands and flavours of gummies, and chocolates.We proudly stock some of the highest selling edibles, and are extremely proud to have satisfied numerous customers over the years. Simply visit our reviews section, and choose from the best cannabis edibles in USA (Other countries included).Some of our best selling products are
  • Orange Sativa Jelly Bombs
  • Raspberry Indica ZZZ Bombs
  • Astronaut Gummy Stars 50mg
  • 100mg Hemp Seeds Oil Capsules
  • 500mg CBD Mango FLAVA BLAST Keey

Edible Cannabis Oil

Edible cannabis oil, or cannabis infused oil is by far one of the most fun and creative ways to consume weed. It can be taken on it’s own, infused into tropicals, used to make edibles like chocolates and cookies, and it can even be applied to sore muscles.Recently, edible cannabis oil has emerged as one of the highest selling cannabis concentrates in the market. Extracted from fresh cannabis flowers, the oil itself tends to be thick, and can contain more than a hundred active cannabinoid contents like THC and CBD.Which is why the oil is extremely potent and nearly always packs an extremely powerful punch. It’s effects are simply to die for. They can take up to two hours to fully settle in, but can also last 6 – 8 hours depending on your individual metabolism.Which is why a lot of people today are prefering to ingest cannabis oil over smoking weed. And since the effects can last much longer, they also tend to be more beneficial in treating conditions like stress, anxiety, and even PTSD.

Cannabis Edibles Dosage

Cannabis edibles are one of the most popular means of consuming cannabis, especially for people who are not comfortable smoking even for medicinal reasons. Which is why, today there are a huge number of cannabis edibles present in the market. You can find everything, from triple decker cakes, to beers and even candies which have been infused with cannabis.Cannabis edibles take a long time to kick in, but the effects last much longer. Which is why edibles are extremely useful against medical conditions like stress, depression, anxiety, fatigue and even PTSD.This is why ensuring the proper dosage of an edible is extremely important. You do not want to end up overdosing or underdosing. And while the standard dose for an edible is normally 10mg, beginners are advised to start with a microdose of between 1.5-2.5 THC. These will provide mild relief, and can help you get accustomed to marijuana.A majority of people consume edibles with a dosage of between 2.5 and 15 THC. Here the edible is strong enough to provide a lot of pain and anxiety relief along with some feelings of euphoria as well. Stronger edibles with upto 30mg of THC are also widely available in the market, and are frequently purchased by experienced users to sleep soundly at night.