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Buy AAAA Grade Quality Weed at Cannabis Genesis420

Looking for the best of the best in cannabis? Look no further than our collection of Grade AAAA cannabis, known as “quads”! We take immense pride in curating a selection that represents the pinnacle of cannabis quality, showcasing the top 10% of all strains available. Each strain in our exclusive lineup has been meticulously cultivated and tested to ensure an unparalleled experience for our discerning customers. Whether you’re in search of a transcendent sativa, a blissful indica, or a balanced hybrid, our handpicked collection offers an exquisite range of options to suit your individual preferences. Discover a treasure trove of premium strains awaiting your exploration. Welcome to a world of unparalleled cannabis excellence.


What‌ ‌is‌ ‌AAAA‌ ‌Grade Weed?‌

Also called quads, or AAAA‌ ‌Grade Weed, this grade of weed is highly demanded and widely purchased in the market right now. Consisting of high THC levels, thick hairy buds, and a variety of green, yellow and orange colored trichomes easily visible, AAAA‌ ‌Grade Weed promises a truly exquisite high.In terms of quality, this grade of weed has extremely high THC and CBD levels, burns quite smoothly, has a strong and pungent aroma, and a taste that will leave you satisfied for hours and hours. But what users really like about AAAA‌ ‌Grade Weed is that it does not have any side effects, or leave any harsh aftertaste at the back of your mouth.AAAA‌ ‌Grade Weed is slightly more expensive, usually because of the higher THC levels. To maintain such high levels of THC and CBD, all AAAA quality buds need to be preserved carefully in order to keep the trichomes intact. In fact, you might be able to easily see these trichomes or the hairy like structures at the end of the buds.While there are more high and low quality strains available, AAAA‌ ‌Grade Weed does hold its own in the market. AAAA users are people who want a strong, high quality, color

Our Top Selling AAAA Grade Weed Strains‌

Here at Cannabis Genesis420, we are extremely proud of all our products, and take great care while grading and curating them. Nearly all of our products go through extreme quality control and testing procedures to check for potency, aroma, mold defects and much more. Only then are they given a grade and made available for sale.
As one of the oldest mail order marijuana businesses, we proudly stock an impressive collection of AAAA‌ ‌Grade Weed, with over 12 different, premium quality strains for our customers to choose from. Each of these flowers has been trimmed and stored very carefully to keep all the nuggets and buds intact and full of trichomes. These high THC strains are guaranteed to fulfill all your desires and give you that much needed break from everyday life. Some of our best selling AAAA‌ ‌Grade Weed strains are

AAAA vs. AAAAA Grade Weed‌

One of the questions Mail Order Marijuana dispensaries get asked quite a lot is simply this: “What is the difference between grade AAAA and AAAAA grade weed?”
Unfortunately not all dispensaries are able to answer this question, because they themselves are unaware of the answer.
Why? Because they do not have any quality control standards in place. However, as the one of the oldest dispensaries in business, we at Cannabis Genesis420 do have strict standards, and we have the answer.Both AAAA and AAAAA grades are high quality, high THC and CBD weed with thick, green and colorful buds which do not have any side effects, nor do they leave any harsh aftertastes.However, AAAAA grade weed is always handpicked, and stored with extreme care with almost no chemical processing. This ensures that each nugget remains intact and is full of trichomes. As a result, you will receive a product almost completely untouched, with THC levels which are truly through the roof.Whereas in the AAAA‌ ‌Grade Weed category, not all flowers might be the same perfect nugs. Nonetheless, the buds are still thick and green, with lesser amounts of trichomes, and hence slightly lower THC levels. However, AAAA‌ ‌Grade Weed is highly purchased, since it’s effects and THC levels are more than enough to fulfill the needs and desires of many Americans.

The Best AAAA Grade Weed in USA (Other countries included)

The medicinal benefits of recreational marijuana have helped a lot of people. Today more Americans than ever are using weed to fight anxiety, stress, and exhaustion. The best quality weed not only helps you rest and relax, but is also a great way to recharge and build up your energy levels for the upcoming week.

Also called the top shelf weed and the Quad A, AAAA grade weed is slightly more expensive and today, many online dispensaries claim to stock it. But not all of them are truly able to deliver the quality required by their customers.

However, at Cannabis Genesis420, all of our products go through careful grading and curating processes. Our team makes sure that all products are thoroughly checked for their aroma, mold, color, feel, appearance, burnability, side and after effects, and much more. As a result, you can rest assured that all AAAA‌ ‌Grade Weed strains which you order from Cannabis Genesis420 will have high THC levels, pungent and strong aromas, and the colorful presence of a lot of yellow and orange trichomes.

To be extra sure, simply visit our reviews section and be sure to read up on what our customers think before purchasing! .


What does AAAA mean for weed?

Cannabis strains classified as AAAA (or better known as 'quads') are considered to be of exceptional quality, exhibiting desirable traits such as dense and well-manicured buds, potent aroma, complex flavors, high levels of cannabinoids, and a satisfying and enjoyable effect when consumed.

Is AAAA weed good?

Yes, AAAA weed is generally considered to be of high quality. However, it's important to note that individual preferences may vary, and what one person considers as good quality may differ from another's opinion. It's always recommended to explore different strains and grades to find what suits your personal preferences and desired effects.

Is AAAA weed same as 'quads'?

Yes, AAAA weed and 'quads' are often used interchangeably to refer to the same high-quality cannabis.