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Kief, keef, keif, or kif, whichever way you like to call it this stuff will get you in the clouds.

The resinous trichomes of cannabis that If you enjoy the experience of concentrate but don’t want to break the bank, KIEF is the perfect option for you. Sprinkle this in your joint, or coat it after you’ve rolled, or crowning it in your bowl, just be the dust fairy.

If you want to get really fancy, make a layer of pure kief in the middle of your bowl or towards the end of your joint. Once you hit that layer you’ll have a little treat! They are also a great addition for making edibles due to their potency of THC crystals, you may even sprinkle some in your morning hot beverage (only works for hot drinks), the heat activates the THC to take effect. Vaporize the KIEF the same way you do flowers, sit back, and relax.

Recommend for best effect is used as a filler in your joint, bowl, cooking.

Kief can be added to your latte

Consuming kief isn’t restricted to smoking.

For espresso and coffee fans, kief can be added to your coffee or latte. Presently, for novices, the thought might sound very out of sight. Even though the idea seems a bit bizarre, the heat from the coffee actually activates the kief’s cannabinoids.

As it works its way through your body, it will actually have a longer impact. Drinking kief is like eating a mixed edible.

In the event that you’re not an espresso fan, kief can simply be added into tea. Remember it just takes a modest quantity (1mg for 6oz) to make an intense beverage.

How Do You use Kief?

Kief can be sprinkled onto a bowl of cannabis or into a joint or roll a twax joint.

Kief can contain anywhere from 50-80% THC, sometimes even more so when rolling a blunt, pepper your blend in with a solid touch for an additional kick.

Benefits of Buying Hash in bulk

Since hash oil is more powerful than different types of cannabis, it will quite often be stronger. Accordingly, it might be more beneficial for those that use weed for medical treatments.

When you buy hash in bulk, you’re able to save on shipping and handling costs. You also have the opportunity to purchase a variety of different shapes and sizes, which will fit your needs best.

You can connect with our customer service to find the ideal hash concentrates at Our hash is a great option if you’re looking for a high-quality product to give you that sense of euphoria and help to treat nausea, pain, and inflammation.