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A tincture is a concentrated marijuana solution made with alcohol or oil as the primary extraction solvent. Most typically, tinctures are taken sublingually; they are dose under the tongue and absorbed through the blood vessels that are located there.


What is cannabis tincture

Cannabis tinctures are one of the most popular cannabis products in the market right now. Why? Because they are a combination of many people’s two favorite things, cannabis and alcohol.Yep, you read that right. Tinctures are cannabis infused alcohol products, and are frequently used in medication all over the world. But most importantly, they serve as an alternative to smoking weed for both, medicinal and recreational purposes. There are a lot of benefits of consuming tinctures. For one thing, they can be consumed discreetly, and can even be hidden quite easily from strict employers or parents. Additionally, they kick in much faster when compared to edibles, since they get directly absorbed into your bloodstream. But most importantly, tinctures are the easiest cannabis products to dose. Most of them come with a dropper to allow you to measure your consumption. If you are a beginner, we recommend starting with a 1ml dose. Put the drop under your tongue, wait for about 30 seconds, swallow, and let the magic take place.

Cannabis Tincture Effects

Cannabis tinctures are famous in the market, but not nearly as much as they should be. A combination of two highly popular products, weed and alcohol, cannabis tinctures have a lot of benefits.For one thing, cannabis tinctures are a great way of consuming weed without having to smoke it. This is especially useful for people who want to gain the benefits of medicinal marijuana, but do not feel comfortable smoking. Infact, tinctures were commonly used for medication in many countries, including the US before they put a ban on cannabis. Consuming tinctures is also very easy. You only need to put a few drops of your favorite flavor or brand under your tongue, and the arteries under your tongue will carry them into your body. Effects of cannabis tincture also set in rather quickly, and last much longer when compared to smoking. This is because the THC gets directly absorbed into your bloodstream and is quickly delivered all over your body. Infact, you can expect to feel the effects in as little as ten minutes, and reach the peak of your high within the hour.

How to use Cannabis Tincture

Cannabis tinctures are alcohol based cannabis extracts and are a great way to consume weed without having to smoke it. Created by mixing high proof alcohol with finely ground or decarboxylated weed, tinctures are a fun and quick way of getting high. There are many benefits of using a cannabis tincture. For one thing, choosing a tincture means that you do not have to smoke weed, and there are a lot of people who do not feel comfortable smoking anything.Additionally, taking a tincture instead of smoking will also result in you getting high much more quickly, and the effects will also last much longer. That being said, a cannabis tincture is also one great way of getting high discreetly, since taking it does not produce any smoke or aroma. Using cannabis tinctures is also very easy. Nearly all of them come with a dropper for you to measure your consumption. All you need to do is put a few drops under your tongue, and wait for about 30 seconds before swallowing. The blood arteries under your tongue will do all the rest of the work. If you are new, we strongly recommend starting with a 1 ml dose to see how things go.

Cannabis Tincture Dosage

Cannabis tinctures are famous all over the market. A combination of alcohol and concentrated weed, they contain many medicinal and recreational benefits, and are a great alternative for smoking weed.  Despite what many people think, tinctures are not a new invention. In Fact they were frequently used as medicines in the US and Canada till the in1930s, after which they were banned. Today as well, they still are extremely effective against many medical conditions. While compared to smoking, taking a tincture will result in you getting high much quicker. The effects last longer as well. Which is why, tinctures are more useful than smoking against some of the more chronic conditions of pain, anxiety and stress. They are also frequently used to treat PTSD and ADHD. Which is why it is extremely important for people to be aware of their tincture dosage. Luckily, measuring your consumption in tinctures is extremely easy, since nearly all of them come with a dropper. Many experts and doctors suggest starting small, and experimenting to figure out how many drops you need. Some people are happy with 1ml, while others require 10 or 11 drops to relax. In the end, it all depends on you.