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Buy Quality AAAAA Weed At Cannabis Genesis420

AAAAA Weed is a relatively new rating level online dispensaries such as Cannabis Genesis420 are using. Cannabis strains with this rating are rare and are at the highest price point. But, if you can afford it and find a cannabis strain you like at this level, it will be well worth it.


What is AAAAA Grade Weed?

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, not all cannabis buds are the same. If you truly are looking to unwind after a long and busy week, or are looking to boost your energy and creativity, you won’t find a better option than AAAAA grade weed. And despite what other dispensaries might tell you, not all weed is AAAAA quality. Also referred to by AAAA+, Chronic, Dank, High Quads, and a variety of other names, only the best of the best flowers are reserved for this category. AAAAA grade weed has the highest THC levels and is the freshest, thickest, and full of trichomes. What all of this guarantees is the perfect high, and a fulfillment of everything you desire and want from your weed. The flower itself will have a darkish color, be full of trichomes, and have the strongest aroma you have ever experienced. Being completely natural and having almost zero chemical treatment, AAAAA grade weed has no side effects and guarantees the most intense experience ever. You will not be able to find better quality weed than this.

Characteristics and Qualities Cannabis Genesis420 Checks For

At Cannabis Genesis420, we understand that customers shouldn’t been responsible for assessing the quality of the product they buy—that’s our job. We work closely with our growers to ensure that the end product our customers are getting is only the best. Some characteristics and qualities we look out for in our plants when we work with our producers include a pungent aroma, no mold or defect, a sticky feel that indicates a higher trichome presence and a glassy appearance indicative that there is an abundance of trichomes within the plant. We also test our weed out first-hand to make sure there a powdery, white ash that results from smoking it and that there are no harsh effects experienced in the throat when smoked or vaporized.

Our Top Selling AAAAA Grade Weed Strains

At Cannabis Genesis420, you will find that all of our products and strains have been carefully graded and curated. In our AAAAA category, you will be able to find a large collection of 15 different premium strains, all of which have been trimmed by hand and stored very carefully to keep the entire nugget intact. Each strain will have a separate rating, based on it’s type and quality. In fact, you can also filter between the products by quality, as well as type. These thick, colorful, full of trichomes buds have seen almost zero chemical processing, and have the highest potency levels you have ever seen. Listed below are some of our top selling and highly rated AAAAA grade weed strains, each of which is guaranteed to give you the most euphoric high and relieve all forms of stress, anxiety and exhaustion.

The Best AAAAA Grade Weed in USA (Other countries included)

The AAAAA grading system is slowly being adopted by many mail order marijuana dispensaries all over USA (Other countries included). Today, many dispensaries stock AAAAA or AAAA+ Indica’s and Savita’s. However, not all of them truly have such high quality weed, and many are simply selling you low standard buds at higher prices. While it is true that AAAAA grade weed tends to be more expensive, however, some dispensaries do have fair and justified prices. As the oldest online dispensary in business, Cannabis Genesis420 has some of the best AAAAA grade strains, at competitive prices too. We have a large collection of 15 premium strains and flavours, all of which have been hand picked and carefully stored to ensure quality. Be sure to look at the ratings and read our customer reviews before purchasing the best weed on the market.