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Live Resin is a weed concentrate that is made using fresh cannabis flowers instead of dried flowers like how most other concentrates are made. This gives the extract a full range of tastes and aromas that you normally would not get from other concentrates. We offer many different strains of Live Resin here at Cannabis Genesis420, so please take a look at each individual product line to learn more!

What is live resin

The entire magic of live resin is in the name. The reason this particular concentrate is called ‘Live’ Resin is because it is prepared from fresh, live marijuana plants as opposed to dried or cured leaves and flowers.Fresh flower buds and leaves are flash-frozen to help retain most of the cannabinoids as well as the terpenes and flavour of the original plant. This is why Live Resin is so much more flavourful and aromatic as compared to other kinds of concentrates.The flash-freezing process locks in terpenes, which are basically the essential oils that give each cannabis strain it’s specific smell, and change the experience for each user.Live resin can be found in a variety of different forms and colors, but it’s most distinctive characteristic will always be it’s fresh, strong, pungent smell which is a result of all those terpenes that have been effectively extracted from the live plant.

Live resin vs rosin

While most people (and even some dispensaries!) may use the terms Rosin and Resin interchangeably, as one of the top dispensaries in USA (Other countries included), we believe it is our duty to educate our customers.Resin and Rosin are two very distinct types of concentrate, each extracted using a very specific method and for a very specific purpose.Live Resin is extracted using a flash-freezing method to help lock in terpenes along with cannabinoids to deliver an intense, flavourful and aromatic experience to the user. On the other hand Rosin is extracted using high temperatures and pressure to create powerful concentrate products that resemble shatter in color and consistency. It is a solvent-less process that’s often seen as a replacement for shatter production.While both Live Resin and Rosin are incredibly potent and powerful, now you know that the two are quite different in not only color, composition, and extraction method, but also in the way they affect the user.

Best live resin in USA (Other countries included)

Live resin is one of the most highly purchased, and one of the most fun cannabis products in the market right now. Made from the flash frozen leaves and buds of fresh marijuana flowers, the resin contains all the aromas, flavors and the terpenes of the original plant, which is why consuming it is so much fun. Live resin comes in many different colors, flavors and brands, but the best resin will always have a strong pungent aroma, which results directly from the fresh terpenes which are safely stored in it.At Cannabis Genesis 420, we know how important live resin is to weed lovers all over USA (Other countries included). Which is why our collection features 25 different types, flavors and brands of premium quality resin for you to choose from. Simply go through our reviews section to find out what our customers thought about our different products, and choose the one which appeals to you the most.

Our top selling live resin

Extremely popular, and one of the most loved products in the market, live resin is famous for its smell and taste. Made from fresh cannabis flowers, which are flash frozen to preserve all the cannabinoids and terpenes, live resin has strong pungent smells and enough THC to fulfill the dreams of the heaviest of hitters.At Cannabis Genesis 420, we are aware of the special place live resin has in the hearts of weed lovers all over the country. This is why we go to great lengths to provide some of the best flavors and top quality brands to our customers. Our live resin collection features 25 premium quality brands and flavours for you to choose from, the best rated among which are:
  • Sweet Skunk Live Resin
  • Viridesco Live Resin – Gelato
  • Live Resin Voyage Extracts
  • K1 Live Resin
  • Live Resin Pink cookies