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Looking for an alternative way to enjoy the effects of THC? THC gummies could be the answer.. Easy to ingest, inconspicuous, flavorful, and long-lasting, gummies THC have grown to be a preferred way to reap the advantages of cannabis among a lot of people. Below is an in-depth guide on THC gummies to get you off to a good start.

What Are Gummies with THC and Weed Candies?

Gummies with THC and weed candies are confectionary treats like gummy bears, suckers, or hard candies infused with cannabis extracts and cannabinoids. How each product is made can vary, but most are infused with THC oil or distillate extracted from cannabis. These weed edibles offer an alternative way to enjoy cannabinoids like THC without smoking flowers or consuming pills, which some users prefer.

What Types of THC Gummies Are There?

THC gummies come in a long list of different forms in terms of size, shape, potency, and flavor. You will find a lot of gummies that take on familiar shapes like gumdrops and gummy bears. However, some companies take things further and develop interesting gummy shapes like building blocks and butterflies.

Gummies also vary in their exact potency or cannabinoid content. Some products are better for microdosing because of their lower THC content, while others can be pretty potent. Some gummies are also infused with other more therapeutic cannabinoids like CBD (cannabidiol) or CBG (cannabigerol), which may complement the THC.

What Are the Benefits of THC Gummies and Weed Candies?

Primarily, weed gummies give you a new way to enjoy cannabis without smoking. If you prefer not to smoke, edibles can be an easy way to get the THC into your system. Some people also like the idea that edibles are not as conspicuous. You can eat an edible without smoke, smell, or ashes to contend with.

The effects of THC gummies are also slower to settle in—between 60 and 180 minutes in some cases. If you prefer a slower-to-happen experience, this can be a major benefit. Likewise, the effects of weed edibles tend to last longer than smoking. Depending on the product and your metabolism, you may enjoy the effects for up to six hours or more.

Which THC Gummies or Candies Should I Try?

Regarding weed gummies, everyone can have their preference about what they like. If you are new to THC gummies or candies, starting with a lower-milligram or lower-potency product is always best. A 10mg dose is standard with many products, but first-time users may want to start with an even smaller dose of 1 to 2.5mg of THC. This may even mean cutting a gummy in half for the first time to keep your first dose low. For example, a quarter of an Orange Sativa 1:1 Jelly Bomb would give you 2.5mg of THC.

How Do I Use THC Gummies?

THC gummies are meant to be chewed up and ingested like any other food. The most important thing to remember when using weed gummies is to monitor your intake carefully. It can take a while for the effects to occur, leaving the impression that what you have eaten is not working and you need more. Unfortunately, many people end up consuming too much and having a bad experience with this assumption. The best rule is to consume your dose and wait for two or three hours to gauge the effects. Then, decide if you need a bigger dose.

Do Weed Gummies Have CBD?

Some weed gummies do contain CBD, but not always. The difference depends on how the gummies were made and the type of extracts used to make the gummies. When it comes to weed gummies, THC is sometimes the only cannabinoid in the product, but you will also find some products that contain a one-to-one ratio of both THC and CBD.

For example, Raspberry Indica 1:1 Jelly Bombs from Twisted Extracts contain 5mg of THC and CBD. Mixing the two together contributes to the entourage effect, which means the compounds complement one another in the body. Always examine the details of any THC gummies you consider to see the exact cannabinoid content.

What Is the Difference Between THC and CBD?

THC is the delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol, the most widely recognized intoxicating cannabinoid in cannabis plants. CBD is cannabidiol, which is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid also found in cannabis. While both cannabinoids are found in cannabis, CBD is more prevalent in hemp cultivars than what would be referred to as marijuana. Many people use CBD for its therapeutic effects because it helps with nausea, pain, and possibly sleep and anxiety.

Do THC Gummies Have Side Effects?

All types of THC-infused products can come along with side effects. The most noteworthy effect is the psychoactive action—you will feel more relaxed, sleepy, and euphoric. However, some less desirable side effects can also come with THC gummies, such as paranoia, dry mouth, bloodshot eyes, and dizziness. In rare cases when someone consumes too much THC, this can lead to side effects like low blood pressure, rapid breathing, slurred speech, and rapid heart rate. If you accidentally consume too much THC, the best action plan is to get some sleep, and the symptoms should subside within several hours.

What Is the Average THC Gummy Price?

THC gummy prices vary depending on several factors, including brand, potency, quantity, and ingredients. The cost can range anywhere from a few dollars per gummy to as much as $25 per gummy. The potency is the most determining factor in the price of most gummies. For example, a 400mg THC Butterfly High gummy from SEC is $25 for just one large gummy, while a four-pack of Mary’s Westcoast Teddies that delivers 300mg of THC total is $23.50.

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