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We carry a wide variety of many strains of dry cannabis flower. Whether you’re looking for a hard-hitting Indica to help you relax at the end of the day or a great daytime sativa, we’ve got you covered. The diverse cannabis strains we carry have all been carefully selected to offer a variation in your smoking experience. you are looking to Buy Cannabis Online USA. It is important to do your research.

If you are looking to purchase cannabis online, there are specific things that you should consider before doing so. There are many ways that you can buy cannabis, but the most common way is through online dispensaries, which ship their products right to your doorstep! If you’re not sure where to start, I’ve list a few tips for finding an online dispensary below.

Today, there has been increased interest from consumers on how they can buy cannabis online. With this increased demand comes an increased supply of different methods of purchasing marijuana, such as dispensaries over the internet. If you’re considering purchasing some marijuana or hemp products, there are many factors to consider before making your decision.

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Many countries and states have legalized cannabis, there is still some reluctance to do the same. There are Physicians in these unfriendly cannabis countries who refuse to admit this plant has therapeutic properties. Another argument against cannabis is that it’s addicting. However, a counter agreement can also be about the opioid epidemic addiction and the amount of damage it has done to the American people. So much damage in fact, the United States government is suing the creators of oxycontin, the makers of an opioid that many Americans become addicted. Doctors from around the world agree there are chemical compounds from in cannabis that can be turned into highly effect medicines for patience’s suffering from conditions no current medicine can aid. The popularity and acceptance of the marijuana plant is at an all-time high globally. The legalization of cannabis throughout the world started a few years ago, and its momentum hasn’t slowed down. The tax revenue generated from legalizing marijuana in some state has surpassed previous predictions from an analyst. So why has this once illegal to have or consume product becoming legal? There is more than one reason why people are now friendlier towards weed, and we explain why.

What is Marijuana?

Marijuana and Hemp are not the same things, however they do belong to the same species of plant, cannabis sativa. It’s believed cannabis was first cultivated between 9-10,000 years ago. The more durable plant is hemp. The main difference is that marijuana has flowers with psychoactive properties. It’s not possible to get high off hemp because it doesn’t contain enough THC. Cannabis plants that contain below 0.03% THC are considered hemp.It’s vital to understand what cannabis is and why did people misunderstand it when it was illegal. There are multiple names for marijuana which include weed, reefer, ganja, tree, dry herb, and of course cannabis. The control substance act in 1970 made hemp into a schedule 1 drug. It was known as the gateway drug and commercials ran throughout the USA advising against its use. A lot of people of color ended up being affected than any other people with criminal charges related to marijuana. This misleading spear campaign on cannabis created a misconception of cannabis and its many healing properties.Cannabis news was more controlled before popular online channels existed such as Youtube and Facebook. Studies have shown smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol are both far more dangerous compared to smoking marijuana. There are even other alternative consumption methods for cannabis such as eating and vape. Eating weed edibles have a different reaction compared to smoking or vaping. People are smoking fewer cigarettes now than any other previous generation and switching to cannabis a much healthier alternative.

What is cannabis oil?

Also known as cannabis honey oil, hash oil is very popular because it can be used to dab or to make edibles, oils are highly concentrated forms of either THC or CBD. The most potent form of cannabis oil is distillate averaging 85% THC. A dab is a small amount of hash oil vaped using a glass water pipe known as a dab rig. Cannabis vape oil is a heather alternative when vaped as oppose to smoking weed. There are multiple applications for cannabis oil that include cooking with it and even smoking it with marijuana. Vaping THC oil will give more sessions to get high compared to smoking weed.

History Of Cannabis

Cannabis cultivation dates to back to ancient cultures. Its primary use was not to get high but instead to create rope and other textile products like clothing. American colonies during the 1600th had a hemp cultivation requirement because of its many uses and quick turnaround time to produce. The medical use of marijuana begun in the late 1800’s, cannabis extract was prescribed by doctors and purchased in pharmacies to relieve stomach pain. The first tax on marijuana occurred in 1937 and was intended on criminalizing the sale, possession, and cultivation of hemp. The return of cannabis cultivation happened in 1957 because of world war 2 when the Philippines was lost to the Japanese, a significant importer of hemp for the USA. It was the war on drugs-controlled substances act in 1970 that really attacked the hemp plant. It’s important to mention that two years after in 1972 there was a report from the Shafer Commission explaining the federal governments misunderstanding of this herb. The report suggested reducing the penalties for being caught with small amounts of cannabis. The federal government ignored these reports findings and proceeded with criminalizing marijuana with prohibition.

Legalization Of Cannabis

There are some states that have legalized cannabis and decided to clear people on criminal charges related to marijuana. California is one state that is whipping over 3000 misdemeanors chargers. It’s now possible for those over the legal age of 18 to purchase cannabis for recreation use in California as of 2018. Medical cannabis has a cheaper tax compared to the recreational tax in California. It’s a more cost-effective decision to purchase a medical marijuana card. There are some very affordable options for a cannabis card online that can be bought for $20 and obtain the same day. Only a select few states have this privilege of getting their cannabis card online.Cannabis legalization will help prevent any more injuries from people getting harm from synthetic cannabis. There have been incidents reported of people who out of desperation for acquiring marijuana instead bought a legal alternative called Spice and k2. This synthetic cannabis can easily be found at smoke shops. These products are deceitful and have names similar to cannabis strains such as Kush, however, they instead offer none of the same effects as marijuana.There have been companies that have decided not to test for cannabis in their drug test for potential employees. The stigma of cannabis is finally being removed because of more people being aware of its medical properties. Its now safer for people to buy cannabis knowing they’re not going to smoke anything extra. The commercialization of this herb in places with stricter regulation such as Nevada make it even more safe for consumers. Unfortunately, its not mandatory in California for lab testing all the marijuana products as it is in Nevada.

What Is The Cannabis Cup?

The cannabis cup is a competition among different cannabis strains hosted by Hightimes typically in California, Amsterdam or Spain. Many of the best cannabis strains compete and are judged by multiple cannabis connoisseur judges. This is a great place to discover new types of marijuana products. Leaders of the cannabis industry compete against new and upcoming players establishing themselves. Canadian cannabis is notorious for being one of the highest quality grown in the world. The cannabis cup also takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada but has more strict regulations of cannabis laws there.

Cannabis Overdose Is Possible

It is possible to overdose with cannabis, however, the results will not be serious. The most that can happen from a cannabis overdose is two things. Either the person who overdoses will either go to sleep or they will turn a little green and probably get sick and throw up. Those who never smoke cannabis and considering doing so for the first time should only take one or two puffs at most. Those who smoke too much and are not used to marijuana can experience anxiety and can even lead to an anxiety attack.

What Is Cannabis vape pens

The weed pipe is a classic but is being replaced more and more by the weed vape pen and THC oil vape pens. Technology has improved the experience of smoking weed with more cleaner methods. There’s equipment that cost over tens of thousands of dollars that is needed to extract and produce certain cannabis extracts. New levels of high can now be reached that was never possible before with cannabis extracts like crystalline.This herb should be used responsibly, which means do not smoke and drive. Its also suggested not to mix alcohol or painkillers while smoking cannabis because of the significant impairment that it will have on you. Take dabs within moderation to avoid going to sleep. A large amount of wax dabbed at once can be like taking a strong sleeping pill depending on your tolerance. The cannabis industry is exploding right now with some calling it the green rush. We interviewed delivery dispensary owners and all were happy to be involved with such a thriving industry.At the rate that this healing herb is becoming legalized, it’s predicted the whole United States will have it legalized by 2020. Canada has just legalized recreational cannabis use on October.17.2018. We make it easy to order weed online with the right information to help guide our fellow weed smokers to what they need. Cannabis edibles will also be much ore readily available with THC or CBD for those who need their edible medical benefits in 2019.

Cannabis Side Effects

A different reality perception can occur when smoking too much THC at once such as from a dab. Also known as cannabis psychosis, it rarely happens to frequent cannabis users. More common side effects is dry mouth, another name for this is the cotton mouth that can be quickly resolved by drinking water. Another side effect is rapid heartbeat that can cause panic and fear to those not expecting these reactions.An increase in appetite is a common reaction from Indica cannabis strains. The term munchies have been coined for this reaction from smoking weed. There is another chemical compound found in cannabis that suppresses hunger, this is THCv. The side effects of cannabis can be directed to counter illness that prevents people from having an appetite to helping those lose weight who are obese. By now you should understand what cannabis is and the history that has brought it to where it’s at today. It rarely happens but hallucinations are reported as a rare but possible reaction that can occur.

What are cannabis concentrates?

There are various types of cannabis concentrates available with new ones being introduced as the extraction technology improves. Hash oil used to be made inside the garages of people who would risk their freedom if they were caught by law enforcement. Now cannabis concentrates are created on a large scale inside of laboratories in legalized cannabis states and countries. The advancement in cannabis extraction technology has created new products with higher potency levels never achieved before. The purest form of THC or CBD is in crystal form; the scientific name is crystalline.

Cannabis Withdrawal

People can become physiologically dependent on the psychoactive effects of smoking marijuana. A frequent cannabis user who stops using it can experience withdrawals. We explain the type of symptoms that can be felt when having a cannabis withdrawal. Depression can be one side effect of cannabis withdrawal along with irritability. These reactions can last up to a few days at most on average. The urge to want to smoke cannabis will also disappear after a few days. Marijuana addiction is a real possibility and those who have an addictive personality are at higher risk.The best strategy to win against cannabis withdrawal symptoms is from positive distractions that will keep you busy. Cannabis addiction really is a psychological battle that can be won if kept busy without time to think about the urge of wanting to smoke weed. We recommend drinking a lot of water and physical activities such as going to the gym or playing a sport. Once all the THC has been removed from your system, the addiction will no longer exist.

Benefits Of Cannabis

The best benefits from cannabis come from targeted strains with specific amounts of either THC, CBD, and, Terpenes. Everyone has a different medical condition and getting the right marijuana strain can really help target their particular illness. We recommend a Sativa strain with Limonene terpenes for a great mood enhancer. Super lemon haze is an excellent cannabis strain for depression and for getting work done in the daytime. Those who need a stronger dosage can get these same effects amplified with a cannabis extract mix with limonene terpenes.Cannabis has been proven to be able to help improve a broad range of medical illnesses. Those suffering from physical pain have replaced their painkillers with CBD and THC concentrates. Highly concentrated CBD oils and tinctures are the most popular choice of painkiller replacement because its effects are felt instantly, and it does not have the same dangerous side effects as opioids. Pure full spectrum CBD is a popular choice for people who don’t want to get high because it doesn’t have any psychoactive properties such as THC.

Cannabis Cures Cancer

There was a study that discovered chemical compounds from cannabis killing cancer in mice. Also, people putting highly concentrate hash oil known as Rick Simpsons oil (RSO) onto their skin cancer wounds cured the cancer. The evidence of cannabis indeed being a healing herb has spread throughout the world thanks to the internet. More studies continue to investigate the healing benefits of cannabis. Smoking cannabis will still cause cancer because it creates carcinogens with its combustion. Vaping cannabis will avoid combustion and the only cancer-causing element associated with smoking weed.

Recreational Cannabis

The ability to walk into a place dedicated to selling cannabis to those old enough to buy is now possible in many states. Tax money generated from these legal sales of weed is providing a substantial amount of money surpassing earlier predictions in such states such as Colorado, Washington and California and now probably Canada as well. Cannabis is used all of the time by frequent users recreationally before a good movie or even eating and medically for all types of pain and many other ailments.  Money will be removed from the black market and harm done to citizens.

Cannabis Delivery

Now there are cannabis delivery services available in lands that have legalized marijuana. There are companies that will deliver weed online and faster than a pizza. Some of these cannabis delivery services will have weed delivered as fast as 20 minutes. Cannabis delivery services are generating a lot of overnight instant success for the people running them.Cannabis becoming legalized has paved the path for many new products created by weed entrepreneurs. The marijuana market is a multi-billion dollar industry, and people are trying to tap into its vast amount of profits with new weed products. New products include the following:
  • Cannabis infused beer
  • Weed cream
  • Cannabis tincture
  • Cannabis tea
  • Cannabis patch
  • Cannabis candy
  • Cannabis for dogs
  • Cannabis lube
  • Cannabis essential oil
  • Cannabis syrup
  • Cannabis lotion
  • Cannabis gummy bears
  • Cannabis oral sprays
  • Cannabis wine
  • Cannabis coffee
Thanks to new friendlier laws for marijuana many new cannabis careers have been created. New jobs include processing cannabis such as trimming and packaging. Other cannabis jobs include brand ambassadors and dispensary handlers.

What is a marijuana dispensary

A marijuana dispensary is an online or physical location where medicinal and recreational cannabis is sold.Basically, dispensaries like Cannabis Genesis420 are places where marijuana enthusiasts can primarily purchase weed, as well as a variety of other products such as concentrates, edibles and various accessories.The reason cannabis stores are called dispensaries has to do with the history of legalization and medicinal marijuana.Before recreational cannabis was made legal in some part of USA, you could still get prescribed for medical marijuana.As pharmacies and drug stores are not allowed by law to stock and sell cannabis, dispensaries took their place.Today, top dispensaries like Cannabis Genesis420 Online not only sell medical and recreational marijuana, but also concentrates and distillates, edibles, and a wide range of accessories such as bongs, lighters, rolling papers and more!

Where can I buy the best cannabis in USA

USA is home to not only legal recreational cannabis and cannabis products, the country has one of the highest numbers of online marijuana dispensaries in the world. Not at dispensaries are made equal, though, and to buy the best cannabis in USA, you should always opt for a trusted name such as Cannabis Genesis420 Online.As one of the oldest online dispensaries in business, not only do we stock one of the most premium collections of recreational and medicinal cannabis in USA, we also have one of the biggest product ranges in the country when it comes to cannabis-related products.We stock everything, from premium indica, sativa and hybrid strains and concentrates, to bath bombs and custom made bongs. We also have a selection of cannabis pet products!

Can you trust mail order marijuana?

Despite what you might think, after legalization, mail order marijuana is one of the best things to happen in USA. Long gone are the days when the only weed you could smoke was what your local dealer stocked.Today, not only can you buy high quality weed online from various dispensaries, you can also compare prices and product reviews to ensure you’re getting the best deal.The best part? It gets delivered discreetly straight to your doorstep, without any hassle whatsoever.What’s more, dispensaries often run promotions and sales – something your local dealer would never do!That being said, no dispensary websites are the same and in order to get the best mail order marijuana for your buck, you should always opt for a trusted name like Cannabis Genesis420.

Is marijuana addictive?

Yes, but it’s not referred to as marijuana addiction. The correct term is cannabis use disorder (CUD) and it affects a small percentage of cannabis users (9-16%), depending on various factors. That being said, cannabis use disorder is a serious condition that can adversely affect the quality of life of those who suffer from it.Instead of availing the many benefits of the herb, CUD patients often consume larger than normal amounts of cannabis over short periods of time, are unable to cut down on intake even when they want to, and spend a lot of their time craving, obtaining, and consuming marijuana.They also undergo severe withdrawal symptoms if suddenly deprived of cannabis.If you feel this description describes you or someone you know, get in touch with your local health authorities immediately to get the assistance you need.