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THC candies offer a tasty way to reap the medical and recreational benefits of cannabis in a convenient, accurately dosed and discrete method.. You don’t have to smoke or Vape cannabis in order to get the benefits. Check out our carefully curated list of THC candies below:


Smoking and vaping can be harmful to your lungs and your health, but not THC hard candies and other delectable treats. You can buy edible candies THC that are available as:
  • Hard candies.
  • Gummies and jellies
  • Chocolates and caramels.
  • Capsules and extracts.
  • Cookies, brownies, and coated nuts.
You also can buy beverages that are infused with THC and terpenes that deliver medicinal as well as recreational effects. You will not feel them as quickly as you would by smoking or vaping cannabis products, but the effect can be potent and very medicinal.

What are THC Candies?

Candies with THC are edible forms of treats that taste sweet and contain THC and terpenes that provide medicinal value. You can find THC candies in a variety of types and flavors, from hard candies to soft. You could buy chocolates, chocolate-covered nuts or berries. You also could get cookies, brownies, or many other types.THC hard candies and soft candies make it much easier to ingest cannabis products that contain THC, terpenes, and CBD. They generally result in a more subtle effect that takes up to 2 hours to take full effect and can last much longer than smoking or vaping similar products.

How Does Consuming THC Candies Differ from Smoking Weed?

Consuming THC hard candies Canada dispensaries like ours offer, along with other types of edibles, is a very different process than when smoking cannabis. The effects are delayed but last much longer when you ingest THC versus inhaling it.When you consume edibles or THC-infused drinks, the effects are delayed anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. The liver must process the THC before you begin to feel its effects, and your metabolism will make a big difference in how long it will take.When you inhale THC smoke or vaporized products, you can feel the effects almost immediately. It generally takes between a few minutes to about half an hour for the full effects to manifest themselves. So the process is much faster when you smoke or vape cannabis products that contain THC.When you inhale THC, the effects generally peak in about 30 minutes and last for up to 6 hours. The residual effects might last for up to 24 hours.

What are the Effects of Consuming THC Candies?

When you ingest THC candies, there will be a delay between consuming them and feeling the effects. That is because it needs to work through the digestive system and into the liver.The liver converts the THC into a more potent form. Once the conversion occurs, the THC will enter your bloodstream and reach your brain. Then you will start to feel the effects, which could peak at about 4 hours and last for about 12 hours. The residual effects could linger for an entire day.Because there is a delay between ingesting edibles and feeling the effects, it is easy to take more than you need for the desired effect. It helps to try a small amount first and give it plenty of time to take effect before deciding whether or not you should ingest more.

What are the Benefits and Drawbacks of Consuming THC Hard Candies?

THC hard candies USA dispensaries like ours carry have many potential benefits and some potential drawbacks. Like anything that you might consume, and especially items that have intoxicating effects, moderation is always the best approach.The following gives you a close look at the potential benefits and drawbacks of THC hard candies and other edibles. The knowledge could help you to obtain the best benefits while negating the drawbacks of THC candies and other types of edibles.


Edibles have many potential benefits that make them ideal for medicinal as well as recreational uses – especially CBD candies with THC and similar edibles. The most obvious is that you do not damage your lungs by inhaling smoke or vaporized THC. If you have respiratory issues or just a really bad cold, edibles will not aggravate the condition or make it worse.Edibles also work well for medicinal purposes by helping to relieve anxiety and overcome nausea so that you can eat better. Anyone undergoing chemotherapy will find it easier to eat without becoming sick when snacking on edibles that help to stave off nausea.You also do not need to know how to make THC candies to enjoy the great benefits of CBD candies with THC are potentially highly beneficial for relieving anxiety, pain, and nausea. Edibles that contain CBD as well as THC can help to relieve anxiety, which makes edibles much better for getting sleep and enabling you to stay calm.You can buy ready-made edibles and start enjoying them right away. The portions are generally the same and can make it easier for you to ingest the right quantity to achieve the medicinal and recreational effects that you seek.


The biggest drawback of THC candies is that it can take time for you to know how much your body can handle and at what dose.For that reason, it’s best to start low and go slow. A high quantity of THC makes it very easy to consume too much, which could make you feel ill as well as waste your money.Consuming too many edibles might cause you to feel:
  • Drowsy and confused.
  • Anxious or agitated.
  • Nauseous with impaired mobility.
  • Paranoid, psychotic, or hallucinatory.
  • Difficulty breathing with an irregular heartbeat.
The delayed reaction that accompanies edibles makes it very easy to accidentally overdose on THC. You need to learn which products work the best for you and how to determine the proper dosage to deliver the ideal results.It helps to pay close attention to differing edibles manufacturers and where to buy THC candies in Canada. You can learn which manufacturers produce products that you know and trust regarding the labeled contents. Knowing where to buy THC candies that you trust will help you to get the best results from edibles.If you have children in your home, you should do your best to keep your edibles locked or hidden in a safe location. A young child will not know the difference between THC candies and regular candies and could consume them or share them with friends. If that happens, you might face criminal charges in addition to feeling horrible about it.

Things That You Should Know Before Trying Weed Candies

You should start by taking just a small amount and waiting several hours to judge its effects. You should eat food either just before or when you consume the edible to aid with its digestion. Most edibles contain about 10 milligrams of THC per gram. And most edibles are distributed in batches of 10, such as 10 pieces of a chocolate bar infused with THC.If you think you might have overdosed and feel ill, you should see a doctor to ensure that you are alright. The odds are you will be completely fine as literally millions of people consume or smoke cannabis every day and nobody has ever died strictly from cannabis alone. Even temporary hospitalizations are very rare. The best thing you can do is hang out in a quiet place, relax, have a glass of water nearby, and wait for the defects to wear down.

How to Consume Weed Candies Properly

You can safely consume THC candies and get the best results by starting out slowly and learning what your body will tolerate. Patience is the key and will help you to determine the ideal dosage for you while you become readily familiar with one or more products. The following steps show you how.

1. Choose Your CBD

CBD is naturally occurring and can provide a variety of medicinal benefits and are contained in many THC candies. The CBD amount might be very small compared to the THC, such as a tenth of the amount.Oftentimes it is equal in amount, and some might have twice the amount of CBD to THC content. You should experiment and learn which amount is right for you and what you prefer.

2. Learn How Many Milligrams Work Best for Your Body.

The THC content in THC hard candies and other types should list the number of milligrams contained in each serving. The same is true of CBD. You should learn how many milligrams of THC and CBD are ideal for your intended purposes.Everyone’s different and has a different tolerance. You can learn what’s best for you  by taking a small dose at first. About 2 milligrams of THC can be a good starting point. If you have a standard 10 milligrams per gram serving size, you could cut it into smaller pieces to reduce the dosage.When you have a CBD-only candy, you might want to try a larger amount, such as 10 milligrams. That should be equal to about a standard 1-gram serving of your favorite candy.

3. Choose the Product

You should pick the THC candies that you will find to be the most flavorful and that have the levels of THC and CBD that will deliver the best results. Most candies will be either indica- or sativa-dominant or a hybrid that contains both. Indica-dominant candies often are better for helping you to sleep, and sativa-dominant typically work better while you are awake. A hybrid can help to lessen the more powerful effects of both while still enabling you to self-medicate.

4. Be Patient

You should take at least a few days to determine your ideal dosage of THC candies to learn how your body will react and to prevent accidental overdosing. You might find a very small amount is perfect for relieving anxiety, pain, or nausea during the daytime and a larger dosage at night when you want to sleep. It will take patience to learn the best amount for your intended purpose and based on the type of candy or other edibles that you are consuming.

Why Buy THC Candies from Cannabis Genesis420?

Cannabis Genesis420 carries only the best THC candies from the most reputable manufacturers licensed to do business in USA. The products are among the world’s best and are backed by the expertise and experience of their makers.

Best THC Candies to Try in Cannabis Genesis420

You can try a variety of THC candies and learn which ones are your favorites. Some of the most popular products include the various jelly bombs candies that contain 10 milligrams of THC in each serving. They come in indica, sativa, and hybrid varieties in many flavors and are very easy to cut into smaller servings.If you prefer something that is a bit sweeter and tasty to chew, you could try the cara-melts, which are caramel candies with 10 milligrams of THC per serving. You can choose among indica, sativa, and hybrid varieties and give eight servings per package.We also have a variety of gummies, hard candies, and other edibles that are delicious and deliver outstanding results. If you need an especially potent edible, you could try the 50-milligram hemp-seed oil capsules. You get three capsules per package, and the jell capsules are easy to digest and contain 50 milligrams of oil-based THC in every serving.


Now that you are fully aware of all of the great THC candies and edibles available, you just need to learn which ones will taste great and help you to achieve the medicinal and recreational effects that you seek. We make it incredibly easy and affordable to order online and obtain your favorite edibles.


The answers to some frequently asked questions can help you to better understand how you can safely enjoy your favorite THC candies.
What happens if I accidentally consume too many weed candies?
If you accidentally eat too many THC hard candies or other types, you likely will feel lethargic and sleepy. You also might feel more anxious and experience heart palpitations as you become excited or agitated. Much of the effect depends on the type of cannabis (Sativa or indica) used to produce the THC candy and your unique biochemistry.
Should I eat a meal before consuming THC candy?
Eating a meal just prior to consuming THC candies can help you to digest them more efficiently and thoroughly. A good meal also can help to prevent nausea and stay more relaxed when the effects begin to take hold.
Do edible THC candies expire?
Like any edible product, THC candies have a shelf life. You should pay attention to any included recommended usage dates and store your candies in a dry and cool place. If you have children in your home, you should store them where they cannot reach them.
How many THC candies should you consume?
The ideal dosage will depend on the THC candies and your tolerance to them. You should start with a single dose, or about a gram serving, and wait at least 2 hours before taking another. That will give you time to determine the effect. You might find a dosage of two or three candies is ideal, or maybe just one.
Can you make weed candies at home?
It is possible to make a variety of THC candies at home, including cookies and brownies. Hard candies would be a bit more difficult, but it can be done with the help of a recipe book.
Do weed edibles make you energetic?
THC and terpenes affect different people in different ways, but some edibles might contain terpenes that help to make you more energetic while others might make you feel more relaxed.
What is the average serving of marijuana candy?
Most THC hard candies contain about 10 milligrams of THC per gram serving, which equals 10 percent potency. Manufacturers often include 10 servings per package and will list the cumulative total, such as 100 milligrams of THC per package.