5 Cannabis Accessories That Change The Game

5 Cannabis Accessories That Changed the Game | Leafly
5 Cannabis Accessories That Change The Game 3

Cannabis Accessories! More and more countries are giving the legal go-ahead for the sale and use of marijuana products. In the dark days before the legalization of cannabis in most regions, a group of marijuana-enhancing visionaries was working. Operating in the shadows, they came up with game-changing inventions that can be seen today in improved versions.

These inventions catered to fixing issues that daily stoners were facing. They offered solutions to make the cannabis experience more enjoyable and less tedious. In short, necessity became the mother of invention. Here is a look at five cannabis accessories that revolutionized the industry.

1. The Sweetleaf Grinder Is A Cannabis Accessories

In the past, cannabis veterans used to break up their marijuana using fingers or scissors, which was time-consuming and not very effective. In the year 2000 at the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam, the Sweetleaf grinder debuted. People loved it so much that it won the best product category. This accessory became a game-changer because it turned minutes of work into seconds. Today it is a common accessory.

According to former High Times associate publisher, Richard Cusick, the first Sweetleaf grinders could get jammed quite quickly because they were made of wood. However, Sweetleaf had numerous imitators as time went by who came up with stainless steel versions. According to him, these were the first wave of marijuana-branded products of the twenty-first century.

2. The Easy Wider Rolling Paper

According to cannabis historians, the demand for marijuana swiftly spiked in the late ’60s and early ’70s. This was likely a result of its popularity among beatniks and jazz musicians. As this happened, the first generation of cultivators could not satisfy the demand, and their product was not potent, either.

For this reason, stoners started to glue together two separate pieces of rolling paper for their weed, also known as a “bomber.” You had to smoke a lot to feel the effects due to the low quality of the cannabis.

However, in 1972, cannabis aficionado Burt Rubin came up with an ingenious idea to create one rolling paper that is two times the size. This went on to become one of the most notable game-changers in the cannabis industry. Today you can get a wide variety of rolling papers on the market.

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5 Cannabis Accessories That Change The Game 4

3. The Volcano Vaporizer

With the touch of a flame, marijuana easily combusts, creating smoke. However, when it’s heated, lower-temperature essential oils in the plant are released in vapor form. This fine vapor is rich in CBD, THC, and terpenes, among other chemicals. More importantly, this vapor is easier on your lungs. So, vaporization not only reduces smoking irritation but also captures more beneficial components from your pot.

Historians say the first recorded cannabis vaping instance was in the fifth century BC in Greece. Herodotus wrote about how the Scythians used to throw hemp seeds on hot stones and enjoy the vapor. However, it later came up in the 1970s when publications on how to make your own vaping machine started emerging. 

After Ohio vaporization enthusiast and “evangelist” Eagle Bill spread the word about vaping in Amsterdam, companies started commercially manufacturing them. They were not top quality until the entry of the Volcano in Europe in the late 1990s. This German-engineered, sleekly designed, and precision-performing device was game-changing. 

It reached the US market in 2003 and instantaneously set a benchmark that many copycats could not live up to. In fact, in 2009, it even got official certification as a medical-grade device.

While vaporizers come in many shapes and sizes nowadays, such as disposable vape pens, the early Volcano was a pioneer in the world of vaping.

4. The Dab Rig Is A Cannabis Accessories

When it comes to dab rigs, a dabbing enthusiast will tell you that the moving parts involved in coming up with a working setup are numerous and ever-evolving. Now, there are different types, such as ceramic nails, titanium nails, quartz nails, glass nails, and e-nails, among others. To focus on any one of them alone would make you lose perspective on the whole. So, it is only fair to recognize that the dab rig itself is a major innovation in the cannabis industry.

According to cannabis archives, the first dab rigs were flower bongs with certain accessories to deal with the product available at that time. Later on, a more functional rig called a skillet arose. It was a titanium plate on an arm that swung out for heating with a torch.

After this, the more popular domed glass nail came to the scene. This revolutionary accessory facilitated any bong to be turned into a dab rig. However, due to some of its limitations, the dome-less titanium nail succeed it. 

Today, dab rigs are still evolving, with the latest trends trying to eliminate the need for conventional torches. This has seen the rise of e-nails and other portable versions. Wherever the evolution goes, it is fair to say that the invention of the dab rig was radical in itself.

5. The Graffix Bong Is A Cannabis Accessories

Although there is little information about the company behind the manufacture of Graffix bongs, that is a force worth mentioning. This is because, during the early days, they ruled the cannabis bong market and provided reasonably priced plastic pipes. These bongs were adorned with an iconic demonic clown logo. So, if you were an adamant weed smoker in the 1990s, you probably used one of these and can attest to its ground-breaking status in the industry.

The Final Hit

Over the years, there have been many more game-changing accessories that have not been mentioned here. Moreover, there are bound to be more inventions and accessories that will continue to change the face of the industry. With the continual easing of restrictions in the cannabis industry, more creatives will have a bigger market and more issues to create solutions for.

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