The Effects of Smoking Magic Mushroom

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Effects magic mushrooms! whether you’re looking for a natural substance that can help with various mental ailments or simply want an incredible mind-expanding experience, then you might want to consider the effects of taking magic mushrooms. Much like marijuana, you can now buy shroom online in various forms for quick and efficient home delivery. However, it is also important to read up on the effects of smoking magic mushroom.

Many of the effects you will have from experience magic mushrooms are similar to the kind of effects you’d experience from consuming marijuana. For instance, magic mushrooms can enhance your creativity, relieve anxiety, and sharpen your senses, which are likely effects when consuming marijuana.

However, magic mushrooms can also produce much stronger effects. For instance, at high doses, users can experience incredible auditory and visual hallucinations and even lose their sense of time. With that said, magic mushrooms are nothing to be afraid of. As long as you take them responsibly. magic mushrooms can provide an extraordinary effects. But before you take them, you’ll need to know what exactly to expect so that you know how to handle magic mushrooms and it’s effects. So what effects should you expect from magic mushrooms experience? Here’s a guide.

Improvements In Your Mood

One of the most noticeable effects of magic mushrooms. Is that magic mushrooms can significantly enhance your mood. If you need something that’s going to take your mind off your daily hassles and put you in a positive mindset, then magic mushrooms can often help. Many users report feeling happy and euphoric during their magic mushroom experiences.

Magic mushrooms impact your mood by binding to serotonin receptors in your brain. Serotonin is the hormone responsible for regulating your mood and bringing on feelings of happiness and wellbeing. As such, taking shrooms can boost your happiness significantly and many users find that magic mushrooms even relieve mental issues such as anxiety and depression.

This is one of the effects of magic mushrooms that you’ll notice at pretty much any dose. Taking a moderate dose of magic mushrooms can bring on a profound sense of euphoria on top of other effects. However, even microdosing shrooms can have a positive impact on your mood, making you feel happy and euphoric.

With that said, not everyone has a happy experience under the influence of magic mushrooms. Taking too much can result in a bad trip where you experience feelings of fear and dread. It’s best to avoid high doses if you’re a beginner to avoid these effects. It’s also best to avoid magic mushrooms if you’re in an uncomfortable environment or in a particularly poor mental state

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Enhanced Senses

Another common effects you should expect from a magic mushrooms experience is enhancements to your senses. If you’re used to smoking marijuana, then these feelings won’t feel alien to you. Much like weed can effects the things you see, hear, smell, and touch, magic mushrooms can as well.

However, the boost to your senses that you get from magic mushrooms is generally much stronger than what you’ll experience under the influence of marijuana. Music will seem much more enticing, colors will appear more vivid, and all kinds of things will seem much more interesting and engaging in general.

Even when you microdose shrooms, you’ll notice a significant enhancement to your senses, especially your vision. However, while at low doses you’ll see colors more vividly and sounds will seem more pronounced, higher doses can induce much greater sensual enhancements.

These sensual enhancements are explained by the fact that magic mushrooms can create stronger connections between regions of your brain that don’t usually interact. They’re also among the most enjoyable and interesting effects you’ll experience while under the influence of magic mushrooms.

A Boost In Creativity

Along with enhancing your mood and senses, taking magic mushrooms can also result in a significant boost to your creativity. By impacting serotonin levels and connecting different regions of your brain, magic mushrooms can also open your mind, make you think more creatively, and aid you in all kinds of creative tasks.

Many studies have focused on the ability of magic mushrooms to enhance users’ creativity. For instance, a study in the Psychopharmacology Journal found that magic mushrooms or truffles enhanced the creative problem-solving abilities of users. Similarly, a 2019 study in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs found that a single dose of psilocybin and psilocin enhanced the creative thinking of participants.

These effects are particularly helpful for those who take part in creative tasks. For instance, musicians have often taken magic mushrooms to unleash their creativity and produce new songs. You might even want to try writing, drawing, or simply journaling your thoughts after using magic mushrooms.

Interestingly, it doesn’t take a high dose of magic mushrooms to gain these benefits. Even a microdose of shrooms can significantly enhance your creative thinking skills. As such, some people even take microdoses of magic mushrooms to sharpen their creativity and focus when they’re working.

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One of the effects most commonly associated with magic mushrooms is hallucinations. Many people believe that taking magic mushrooms will bring on all kinds of intense visuals and some may even be nervous about the hallucinatory effects of magic mushrooms.

Usually, you’ll only experience hallucinations after taking a significant dose of magic mushrooms of around 2.5 grams or more. At lower doses, you may start to see mild hallucinations such as patterns on the wall. Hallucinations aren’t just visual, either. Auditory hallucinations are also common.

At higher doses, hallucinations can become much more profound. You might see figures that aren’t there and hear music that isn’t playing. This can be a fascinating experience, but it’s important to be prepared for it. If you have a bad trip, these hallucinations can quickly become disturbing or frightening.

For the most part, hallucinations are one of the most interesting effects of magic mushrooms and you never know what exactly you’ll experience. Some users even report experiencing synesthesia, such as seeing sounds or hearing colors. Many psychonauts even take magic mushrooms to experience these kinds of effects.

Altered Perception

Another one of the key effects you should expect from a magic mushroom experience is that shrooms will alter your perception of many things. Exactly how much they’ll alter your perception largely depends on your dose, but whichever way, they’re likely to change your perception in some ways.

Users commonly report a distorted perception of time and space. For instance, users often report that it feels like time has slowed down and 10 minutes may end up feeling like an hour. Instead of feeling like you’re in your house, you may feel like you’re somewhere totally different- especially when you experience hallucinations.

These effects are much more pronounced when you take higher doses of shrooms, and you can often avoid them by microdosing shrooms. With that said, many users enjoy these effects. According to studies, many users report finding their magic mushroom trips spiritual or life-changing thanks to their mind-altering properties.

These effects can also be overwhelming for some, and the ability of shrooms to warp your sense of time and space can sometimes result in a bad trip. This is why it’s best to start with lower doses until you become accustomed to the effects of magic mushrooms.

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Physical Effects

While magic mushrooms are mainly known for their mind-altering effects, taking magic mushrooms can also induce some physical effects. These can vary in intensity. But it’s best to know about the potential physical side effects of magic mushrooms. So that you know what to expect and how to prepare for them.

Users often report experiencing an increased heart rate after taking magic mushrooms. As well as pupil dilation, tremors, nausea, and changes in their blood pressure. This can often cause increased anxiety, so it’s best to remain calm and not panic.

You can avoid some of these physical side effects by preparing for your trip. Make sure that you drink plenty of water before using magic mushrooms as this can help prevent dehydration and other unwanted physical side effects. You should also remember to only take them when you’re in a safe and comfortable environment.

Many users take magic mushrooms without any serious physical side effects. Those who want to avoid side effects should take lower doses as this is less likely to result in unwanted effects. With that said, you may still experience some minor physical effects when you take shrooms.

Ideal Magic Mushroom Dosage

If you haven’t taken shrooms before, you might not know what to expect in terms of dosages. The kind of effects you’ll experience largely depends on how much you take. So it’s important to be mindful about your magic mushroom dosage. Here’s a breakdown of magic mushroom dosages and how they’re likely to affect you.

Up to 0.8 grams! Those who want to avoid the intense effects of magic mushrooms can do so by microdosing shrooms. This involves taking a low dose of 0.8 grams or less. Many users report that this mildly enhances their senses, mood, and creativity without tripping.

0.8g to 1.5 grams! Taking around 0.8 to 1.5 grams is usually a good approach for beginner users who want to experience the fascinating effects of shrooms without them being too overwhelming. Taking this much can feel similar to a marijuana high. it’ll open your mind, enhance your creativity and focus, and make things seem more vivid and interesting.

1.5 to 2 grams! Increasing your dose to around 2 grams is where you’ll start to experience some of the stronger effects of magic mushrooms. Not only will this enhance your mood and senses. But it can also induce mild visual and auditory hallucinations as well as slightly warping your sense of time and space.

2 to 3.5 grams – Taking around 3.5 grams is considered the best approach for a classic magic mushroom trip. Taking this much can alter your perception of time, space, and reality as well as inducing hallucinations and opening your mind significantly. Many users report that a magic mushroom trip feels spiritual and life-changing.

3.5 to 5 grams – It’s best to avoid going above 3.5 grams unless you’ve had extensive experience with magic mushrooms. Taking up to 5 grams can induce much stronger effects, including intense hallucinations and significant changes in your perception.

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How To Take Magic Mushrooms

If you want to experience the effects of magic mushrooms, then it’s best to buy magic mushrooms online. That way, you can ensure that you get safe, high-quality shrooms for direct delivery. You also have various choices when it comes to how to use them. Here are some of the most common ways to take magic mushrooms.

Eating Dry Magic Mushrooms! The easiest and most straightforward way to get the effects of magic mushrooms is to simply eat them. You can cut and weigh your magic mushrooms to get your desired dosage then simply chew and swallow them. However, the taste will be unpleasant.

Making Magic Mushroom Tea – Many people use their shrooms to make magic mushroom tea. This is a quick and simple process that can mask the unpleasant taste of magic mushrooms. You can also add extra ingredients to enhance the taste and even speed up the onset of effects.

Taking Magic Mushroom Capsules – Another option is to take magic mushroom capsules. These capsules usually constrain a microdose of psilocybin, making it easy to experience the effects of shrooms without going overboard. There are also many options to choose from, including the NOOT (Scoob) Microdose Mushroom Capsules.

Using Magic Mushroom Edibles! Similar to magic mushroom capsules. You can also try edibles that have been infused with magic mushrooms. These tasty snacks contain small doses of magic mushrooms, and all you have to do is to eat them. And wait for the effects to kick in. Options include Magic Mushroom Gummies and Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bars.


Magic mushrooms can enhance your mood, sharpen your senses, enhance your creativity. And even induce hallucinations and mind-altering experiences in higher doses. However, as long as you’re prepared and know what to expect from a magic mushroom experience. You can take them safely and have an excellent time.

If you want to try magic mushrooms, it’s important to buy them from a trusted seller. This ensures that you’ll get safe, high-quality shrooms at a good price. You can find magic mushrooms online along with other psilocybin-infused products at Cannabis Genesis420 Online Dispensary.

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