The different Grades Of Weed Strains Overviews

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The different Grades Of Weed Strains Overviews 6

Whether you visit your local cannabis store or buy weed online, you can now find an enormous different grades of weed. While each weed differs in terms of its aroma, taste, and the effects it produces. Weed are often separated by their quality and grades. One of the distinctions you will often see when buying weed is its grades. So what separates different grades of weed such as top-shelfs, mid-grades, and low-quality weed?

The different Grades of weed are often use to indicate the quality of the specific buds you are buying. For instance, A Grades of Weed is more likely to be dry, brittle, and contain more leaves and stems. Whereas, AAAAA Grades of Weed will be fresh, potent, and rife with sticky trichomes. You might also hear many slang terms use to refer to the qualities or grades of weed such as Dank, Loud, Schwag, and Reggie Weed.

Not only can you choose what grades of weed strains to buy base on its quality, but weed strains are often separated into indica, sativa, and hybrid strains. These different grades of weed plants are reffer to base on their physical qualities. The different grades of weed produce different types of effects. 

With so many grades and types of weed to choose from, makes it hard to know what grades of weed to buy if you are not a cannabis connoisseur. As such, here is an overview of the grades of weed strains you can find from Top-Shelf to Bad Reggie Weed.

A Grade Weed

Dried Marijuana Flower can vary significantly in its quality. If marijuana is harvest and maintain properly, you can get extremely high-grade of weed. That retain much of its potency and flavor. However, you can get dry, brittle weed that has degraded significantly. This is often classed as A Grade weed.

You might also hear of low quality weed strains refer to by various slang terms, such as Reggie Weed, Schwag, Dirt Weed, or Ditch Weed. These terms are often use to refer to the bags you will get from street dealers. Fill with the lowest grades of weed that contains more stems and seeds than it does fresh Marijuana Flower. Since the dried leaves of marijuana make you high and the stems and seeds don’t contain much THC. This kind of weed will be much less satisfying to smoke.

When you buy A Grade Weed Strains from a store or dispensary. It is for more better quality than the kind of Reggie Weed you d find on the streets. However, it will still disappointing if you are using fresh, high-quality weed. A Grades of Weed has lost a lot of its flavor and freshness. It is dry and brittle, so it’s important to handle it carefully. It’s also likely to contain some stems and seeds, although it can still give you a decent high.

Although, it is usually best to avoid low quality weed. You might want to buy A Grade Weed if you are not concern about the quality. And you just want something that is cheap to get the job done. A Grade Weed are also useful if you are planning on using weed in other ways than smoking. For instance, you can use leftover marijuana stems to make Marijuana Tea. And still get a great high even if you use poor-quality weed.

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The different Grades Of Weed Strains Overviews 7

AA Grade Weed

Many users would rather avoid low-quality weed. But still get buds that are low in price yet capable of giving you a good high. AA Grade Weed is perfect for these purposes. AA Grade Weed can vary significantly in quality depending on the standards of the seller. For instance, AA- Weed might be a slight step above from A Grade Weed. Whereas AA+ Weed is often satisfying Mid-Grade Weed.

At this quality, your weed won’t have a lot of bag appeal. It is likely look bland and faded with a pale green and brown hue. In contrast to high-quality weed which looks incredibly colorful. The smell have also worn off. While you won’t catch a pungent whiff of your strain’s terpenoid profile. When you buy AA Grade Weed, it can still smell and taste pleasant without being overpowering.

Although, AA Grade Weed is usually lacking in flavor, color, and potency. It is still gives you a decent high. If you buy the right strains, you won’t get the full potential of the strain you choose. It can still contain good levels of THC and can still hit you hard when you smoke or vape it. What’s more, it is cheaper than higher grades of weed. making it a good choice for many.

You should buy AA Grade Weed if you’re a beginner user who wants a decent strain of weed without spending too much. It can also suit experienced users who aren’t picky and don’t need their weed to be as colorful and potent as possible. Although higher grades will impress you more, you can still have a good time with AA Grade Weed.

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AAA Grade Weed

Whereas A Grade Weed is dry, brittle, and lacking in potency and AAAAA Grade Weed is the freshest, most colorful, and most potent weed you can buy, AAA Grade is perfectly in the middle. This is perfect Mid-Grade Weed, although users who haven’t had experience with higher grades might even consider this High-Quality Weed.

AAA Grade Weed is usually used for buds that have lost some color and flavor. They may look slightly faded, but they generally won’t be too brown like AA Grade Strains. It won’t be as dense as higher quality weed, and it won’t be covered in colorful pistils and sparkling trichome crystals, but AAA Grade Weed will still look and smell acceptable to pretty much all cannabis users.

Although AAA Grade Weed isn’t as colorful or pungent as High-Quality Dank Weed, it’s usually not lacking too much in potency. It may contain slightly lower levels of THC than the freshest strains of weed, but most users won’t notice too much of a difference when they smoke AAA Grade Weed. As such, there’s not much to complain about unless you’re picky about the appearance and flavor of your weed.

You should buy AAA Grade if you want thoroughly satisfying buds and you aren’t concerned about having the freshest taste and highest THC levels possible. AAA Grade is the standard choice for most users, and although it’ll cost you more than A or AA Grade Weed, it’s worth it for the quality.

AAAA Grade Weed

If you want to pay more to get high-quality weed, then it’s hard to go wrong with AAAA Grade Weed. Not only do these strains offer excellent bag appeal, but you can also rely on them for smooth hits and potent smoke that’s sure to give you an excellent high. Although it’ll cost you slightly more, it’s worth it if you’re picky about the quality of weed.

Straight out of the bag, cannabis lovers will notice that AAAA Grade Weed gives off a fresh and pungent aroma. Since it’s been properly stored and maintained, AAAA Grade Weed retains much of its terpenoid profile. You’ll also sense this when you smoke or vape it, as it’ll be much more flavorful than lower-quality strains.

You can also expect AAAA Grade strains to look highly appealing. Strains at this grade will often have dense buds with a good amount of colorful hairs and sticky trichomes. While some are more vibrant than others, you’ll generally get fresh and sticky buds that don’t feel try or brittle when you grind them.

Although you can go a step above in quality and get AAAAA Grade weed, AAAA Grade weed is enough to impress the majority of cannabis users, and those who aren’t picky about the color and flavor of their weed might not even notice the difference. You should buy AAAA Grade Weed if you want to treat yourself to high-quality buds.

AAAAA Grade Weed

AAAAA Grade Weed is the best type of weed your money can buy. From the appearance to the taste to the potency, even experienced cannabis users won’t find anything to complain about when they buy AAAAA Grade Weed. You might also hear of these strains referred to as Dank, Fire, Loud, or various other slang terms.

While most AAAA Grade strains are more than satisfactory in terms of their aroma, taste, and appearance, AAAAA Grade weed is just a step higher. You’ll get dense buds that are packed with visible trichomes and vibrant colors. What’s more, you’ll get a ton of flavor when you smoke or vape these strains.

The only drawback of AAAAA Grade strains is that you’ll have to pay more to enjoy them. With that said, you might want to buy AAAAA Grade weed if you want to try the best buds out there or if you’re a cannabis connoisseur who’s accustomed to top-shelf weed. The potency of these strains won’t differ too much from AAAA or even AAA Grade strains, but they offer more in terms of bag appeal and flavor.

AAAAA Grade Weed

Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid Weed

Marijuana strains aren’t just labeled by their quality. Users can also choose between three types of strains- indica, sativa, and hybrid strains. While most weed users will be familiar with these terms, it helps to know what exactly separates these types of strains.

Indica cannabis and sativa cannabis are the two main types of cannabis plants that produce THC-rich Marijuana Flower. Indica plants are short, bushy, and well suited to indoor growing whereas sativa plants are long, narrow, and well suited to outdoor growing. Hybrid plants are made by crossing an indica plant with a sativa plant, resulting in a plant that carries hybrid genetics.

Indica strains are usually much more physically and mentally relaxing than sativa strains. Users often find that these strains put them in a peaceful and euphoric state by relieving physical tension and mental stress. They’re also widely used for relieving pain, inflammation, headaches, migraines, and insomnia. Indica strains are ideal for evening and nighttime use.

Sativa strains usually induce an energizing and mentally stimulating high. You can expect to feel happy, giggly, creative, and talkative. They’re also commonly used for issues such as chronic stress, anxiety depression, and fatigue. Sativa strains are great if you want a wake-and-bake strain or something to give you a surge of cerebral energy during the day.

Hybrid strains contain a blend of indica and sativa genetics and, as such, they can vary significantly in their indica to sativa ratio. Hybrid strains are great for users who want a balanced mental and physical high. They can also help with various mental and physical symptoms.

Where To Buy Weed

The most convenient way to get the marijuana strains you want is to buy it online. That way, you can browse through a wide range of products complete with descriptions and reviews. Once you choose the products you want, you can make an order and get them delivered to your house discreetly. offers a vast range of marijuana strains of all types and qualities. Whether you’re looking for a Top-Shelf indica strain, an affordable A Grade sativa strain, or something in between, you can find whatever you need without any hassle.

Our easy-to-browse online store allows you to view marijuana strains by their type and quality. If you’re looking for the freshest, most potent weed possible, check out our Top-Shelf AAAAA Grade and AAAA Grade strains. For mid-grade weed, browse our AAA Grade and AA Grade strains. If you need an affordable low-quality strain, A Grade strains are also available.

You can also choose between indica, sativa, and hybrid strains. Indica strains are ideal if you want a soothing high or want to tackle pain, inflammation, and insomnia. Sativa strains will give you an uplifting, mentally-focused high. Hybrid strains are a good option if you want a balanced high and a range of therapeutic benefits.

If smoking or vaping weed isn’t your thing, you can also find many other types of marijuana products. We offer a huge range of ConcentratesEdiblesTinctures, and Topicals. You can also browse our CBD products if you want to avoid psychoactive effects.

Where To Buy Weed


From Low-Quality A Grade strains to Mid-Grade AAA strains to exceptional Top-Shelf AAAAA Grade strains, marijuana users can choose the type of strain they want based on its quality. You can also choose between indica, sativa, and hybrid strains based on the kind of effects and benefits you’re looking for.

All of these types have their perks. Users who want maximum freshness will love AAAAA Grade strains, whereas AA Grade strains can still give you a good high at a great price. If you want to make sure you get the exact type of marijuana you want, you can buy all kinds of weed and other marijuana products from

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