The Best Ways We Should Store Cannabis

Tips for keeping your cannabis fresh and away from the kids
The Best Ways We Should Store Cannabis 3

How we shold store cannabis! You can easily buy cannabis legally from licensed dispensaries in USA such Cannabis Genesis420, thanks to cannabis legalization across USA State and Territories. You may be thinking about stocking up a good supply to save money or save trips to the dispensary. Or perhaps you have a grow room at home and you have just had a bumper harvest.

You may find yourself with more cannabis in your possession than you can use in a few days. So you are confronted with the need to stash away cannabis for extended periods. In this guide, we look at the best ways we should store Cannabis to keep it fresh and potent until the next use.

Environmental Factors Affect The Ways We Store Cannabis

There are four important environmental factors to look at when considering the best ways to store cannabis. These include:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Light exposure
  • Airflow


So you want to store your supply fresh and potent for as long as possible until you consume cannabis all. The above mentioned common way to store cannabis.

Temperatures ranging from 77 degrees to 86 degrees Fahrenheit provide the perfect breeding ground for mould and mildew, as such not good to store cannabis. This not only applies to store cannabis but also to other organic matter. Exposure to excessive heat will dry out the useful terpenes and cannabinoids. When these active compounds dry out, you will end up with cannabis flowers that deliver a not-too-enjoyable smoking experience.

Equally, lower temperatures can hamper the decarboxylation process. By definition, decarboxylation refers to the conversion of THCa to the psychotropic THC. You end up with CBN, which produces less psychoactive effects compared to THC.

The ideal temperature range to store cannabis is between 60 degrees and 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

DO: The idea is to look for a cool place that doesn’t become too cold. The storage suggestions are lock drawers, cabinets, or your home’s basement.

DON’T: Don’t store your cannabis in a fridge or freezer. First, the lower temperatures will hinder the decarboxylation process. Secondly, the repeated action of removing cannabis from the fridge for use at room temperature and putting it back can form condensation droplets, as such not good to store cannabis. The buildup of moisture is a haven for mould and mildew growth wich is not good to store cannabis.

DON’T: Avoid to store your cannabis around heat-producing appliances like ovens. Higher temperatures will dry out the terpenes and cannabinoids.


Too much moisture spells doom for cannabis store. Controlling the humidity of the space you to store your cannabis prevents your stash from infestation by moulds and other contaminants.

The ideal humidity level to store cannabis ranges from 59% to 64% RH. This range allows the dried cannabis flower to preserve its scent, flavour, potency, and colour. Anything above this RH range increases the likelihood of mould growth and as such is not good to store cannabis . Equally, when the humidity drops too low, the trichomes simply dry out and become fragile. The cannabis becomes less aromatic and flavoursome below 50% RH.

DO: Put your cannabis flower in an airtight container. A good option to store cannabis is an old-fashioned mason jar. A glass container will seal out air and humidity better. Glass also boasts a neutral charge, and it won’t alter the taste or aroma of the flower.

DO: Invest in humidity packs. They can help regulate humidity levels, stop mould growth as such good to store cannabis, and maintain the beneficial qualities of your marijuana flower.

DO: Monitor the humidity of your storage space. Wondering what’s the actual humidity level of your storage space? A hygrometer can provide you with accurate measurements.

DON’T: Plastic bags are not a good storage option. They are likely to contaminate your cannabis trichomes due to their static charge. Plus, they promote condensation and eventually mould growth.

Light Exposure

The cannabis plant needs light exposure during its growth cycle. However, once the cannabis plant is harvested, cured, and dried, direct sunlight becomes an enemy. Ultraviolet rays from the sun can degrade your herb and so is not good to store cannabis.

Findings from a 1976 study circulated in the Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology reveal that light was the primary cause of degradation in beneficial cannabinoids. Thus, keep your cannabis away from direct sunlight.

DO: Put your stash in a black-out UV glass jar. You won’t have to worry about it getting degraded by the light because of the extra layer of UV protection.


Cannabis requires the right amount of air to maintain its freshness and potency. However, too much air exposure speeds up the degradation of your cannabis. On the other hand, too little air promotes relative humidity, a precursor to mould growth.

DO: Get an airtight mason jar. Make sure it allows your cannabis to fit tightly inside. This is a great way to control oxygen exposure to your buds. It will prevent oxidation, which ultimately degrades the chemical composition of the cannabis flower buds.

Just make sure you open it repeatedly so that your flower gets a little air. This is an important step, especially if your flower is still drying.

DON’T: Storing your bud in an overly large container is a recipe for oxidation issues. This is because air will occupy the space that’s not filled by cannabis inside the container. Over time, oxidation problems crop up.

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The Best Ways We Should Store Cannabis 4

Other Considerations On How We Should Store Cannabis

DO: Put away your weed out of reach of kids or pets. You might not have kids in your house, but your friends or relatives could pay you a visit with their children. You don’t want the kids to unintentionally get hold of your cannabis because you placed them in the open. So consider ways of reducing the risk of your stash falling into the wrong hands.

Elevated storage is a good consideration. Consider putting your weed somewhere high up where the little ones can’t access it. Child-proof storage containers are also a good option. Ultimately, the best storage method is in lockable storage space. The good news is modern cabinets, armoires, and other storage spaces feature locking devices.

DON’T: Don’t store your cannabis with any other strong-smelling stuff in the same spaceExamples include spices, air freshener, candles, veggies, and onions. This is because powerful smells will mask the aroma of cannabis and ultimately dominate your weed’s scent.

The Bottom Line

Cannabis doesn’t come cheap. So you want to store your supply fresh and potent for as long as possible until you consume cannabis all. The above mentioned common way to store cannabis.

And whether you are using marijuana for recreational or medical reasons keeping your stash fresh and potent has a positive impact on your smoking or vaping experience.

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