THC Dosage Guide

Thc Dosage Guide
thc dosage guide


  • THC has very different effects on different people and under different circumstances; there is no universal THC dosage rule. 
  • Beginners are advised to start with the lowest dose possible and increase the dosage slowly to find the right THC dose for you. 
  • Marijuana flower and tinctures are a good starting point for inexperienced consumers. 
  • Over time, your body will develop THC tolerance, and you may notice you need to consume larger amounts to achieve the same effects.

Discovering the right THC dosage is the best way to maximize the benefits of cannabis experience. Exploring the world of marijuana takes experimentation. It’s recommended to start with a small amount and slowly increase the dosage in order to find the right milligram range; that sweet spot, if you will. 

The thing is, there’s no set barometer from which to gauge an individual’s ideal dosage. Each person’s endocannabinoid system is unique, and it is important to familiarize yourself with your personal THC tolerance. With so many different cannabis product types on the market, it can be challenging to understand just how THC dosage works. 


Ever wondered what is the right THC dosage for you?  

This dosage guide will help you determine how much to take the first time and how to adjust the dose when you switch between cannabis tincturesediblesjoints, and vapes.  

What’s a Good Starting THC Dose? 

THC is one of the many cannabinoids in the marijuana plant that is particularly responsible for the intoxicating effects. Your system’s response to THC will vary based on your endocannabinoid system, your weight, emotional state, history of consumption, and other factors.  

What works for you may be very different from the ideal THC dosage for another person. While there’s no truly universal measurement system, there are some basic guidelines to ensure you will not start too strong.   

As a rule, it’s recommended to start low and slowly increase the dosage over time until you find the minimum dose that will provide the effect you are looking for. To give you a general idea of how THC dosage is calculated, note that the National Institute of Health has set the standard unit of THC at 5mg.  

Because the effects of edibles are more long-lasting, so starting with a THC edible dosage that is on the lower end of the spectrum is recommended. Our cannabis specialists recommend starting out with low dosage smokables, vapes, or tinctures as well. Typically, this could be 1-2 small inhalations of inhalations from a pre-roll joint or 2 mg of tincture.  

Over time, your tolerance to the intoxicating effects will increase, and you will be able to consume larger amounts of THC. Now, let’s learn how to calculate the right dosage for each product and when it is safe to increase it.  


THC Dosage by Type of Cannabis Product 

The effects that cannabinoids like THC have on the human body vary greatly depending on the consumption method. Some delivery methods take time to feel the effects, while others are more immediate. Same goes for the quantity of THC that reaches your body’s cannabinoid receptors.  

There are plenty of recommendations, but ultimately the discovery of marijuana is a personal journey. For example, it is impossible to recommend a specific dose of cannabis tincture to help relieve symptoms of a specific condition, or how much THC will be enough to take the edge off when you get home from work. However, certain strains are known to excel in different areas. Implementing the start slow and increase method assures users don’t get into the deep end too quickly. 

There is no exact recipe. But, don’t worry; by paying attention to the level of THC content in tincturesconcentratesflower, and edibles, and understanding what is considered a low dose in each case, you will have the basic knowledge you need to set off on a pleasant cannabis journey.  From there, it’s all about monitoring how your mind and body feel in response to your products!

How is THC Content Calculated? 

Whether taking marijuana for medical reasons or simply to have a good time, choosing the right consumption method is very important. Cannabis concentrates have the highest THC content, while the THC percentage of edibles may be lower. 

Tinctures, concentrates, and edibles will be clearly labeled, but it is harder to pinpoint how much THC is in a pre-roll or how much you can take in through each inhalation from a vape pen. Sometimes you need to do a little bit of math.  

For example, if you bought a package of THC cookies with 20 mg total THC, and there are five cookies in the package, each cookie will have 4 mg THC. If you get a 20ml tincture bottle with 200 mg THC, taking 1ml will give you 10mg THC or 1/2 mL will give you 5 mg THC

THC Flower Dosage 

For first time users, one or two puffs will likely will likely be a good place to start. Effects will only start being felt minutes after inhaling, and the the effects will usually peak within a half-hour will peak half an hour later. 

Usually, a small, 0.25 gram, low-THC percentage joint will be enough to initiate a novice user. When buying quality marijuana flower from your local RISE dispensary, the label will state the THC percentage.  

Flower typically contains at least 10% THC, but can go higher than 20%. As a rule of Green Thumb, cannabis containing over 20% should only be used by experienced smokers. 

These are only basic guidelines. There are other factors that impact the high. Consult with one of RISE’s THC specialists to learn which products may work best for you. 

If you are still unsure, you should always take one hit and wait 15 minutes to see how you respond regardless of THC percentage. It is a common mistake to keep smoking because you think nothing is happening, only to discover that you have taken too much just a few minutes later. 


THC Edible Dosage 

It is important to note that it may be a good idea to experiment with cannabis-infused edibles ONLY after you’re already comfortable with the effects of THC from either a tincture or from smoking/vaping. It can take over an hour for cannabis-infused edibles to kick in. It’s always important to be mindful of dosage, but edibles are time-released making it all the more necessary. If it’s your first time, start low and increase as time goes by. [Source] 

While the dosage is a big part, edibles have more factors that must be considered as well. When eating foods with THC, the liver transforms the cannabinoid into 11-hydroxy-THC, which is more powerful and long-lasting. So, it takes a smaller amount of THC to get high on edibles as opposed to flower. [Source]  

When taking just the right dose, edibles can provide pleasant and long-lasting psychoactive effects. Start out with 1-5 mg THC. Some states consider 5-10 mg to be a single serving, so taking a few mg below that is generally considered safe for new cannabis adventurers. [Source] 

However, other factors can impact the effect of edibles such as emotional state, and diet. The golden rule is to start with a low dose, see how your body reacts over the following 1-2 hours, and start increasing dosage gradually if needed. 

Wait 24 hours and increase the dose by 1mg each time, remembering to drink lots of water. If the effects are not forthcoming a couple of hours after ingestion, simply eat more. Just remember: once ingested, there’s no going back. When it comes to edibles, patience is the golden ticket. It can also help to keep a journal so that you can refer to your notes before dosing next time. 


THC Oil/Tincture Dosage 

Cannabis oil or tincture is taken under the tongue or dissolved into drinks or food. If taking these cannabis concentrates dissolved in food or drink, they will be processed as edibles and will take effect later. 

While medical-use CBD oil is more popular, Cannabis Genesis420 Dispensaries offer a wide variety of THC oils and tinctures. 

When getting started, a typical dose for tincture beginners would be roughly 1-2 mg THC. For best results, drip oil under the tongue and hold for one minute before swallowing and avoid taking any more product for the next two hours until you feel the full effect. 

When attempting to increase the dosage, you can add another mg each time. Seek advice from a cannabis specialist, increasing THC dosage day by day until the desired effect is achieved. 

THC Vape Dosage 

Vapes deliver THC by heating cannabis oil or bud, which produces a vapor that is then inhaled. The amount of THC in each inhalation will depend on the product’s THC percentage. To get started, take one puff and gauge the effects after 15 minutes. 

Calculating THC Vape Dosage 

  • Total vape pen content: 0.5g of THC oil 
  • THC concentration: 70%  
  • Total vape pen THC content: 350mg   
  • Number of puffs you get from a 0.5g pen: 100   
  • THC per puff = 3.5mg THC 

NOTE: This is only a sample calculation to give you a general idea of how much THC you may get from vapes. 

THC Dabbing Concentrate Dosage 

Dabbing concentrates are a variety of cannabis products that can deliver high amounts of THC very quickly due to the concentrated nature of the THC. Concentrates can have up to 100% THC content, so consuming them using a dab rig should be reserved for highly experienced marijuana enthusiasts with a high THC tolerance. 


THC Dosage Tips 

  • Wait 24 hours and observe the effects before increasing THC dosage next time. 
  • Know how many mg of THC are in each ml before taking cannabis oils and tinctures. 
  • Take a single puff of an average pre-roll joint or vape pen and wait 15-30 minutes before taking any more. 
  • Wait a couple of hours to experience the full effect of edibles
  • Refrain from dabbing concentrates until you have developed some THC tolerance. 
  • Keep track of what THC products you use, in what amounts, and how they affect your mind and body. Write everything down before you forget; this THC journal will help you adjust dosage over time. 
  • If you take any medication on a regular basis, consult with your doctor about any potential interactions before taking THC. 
  • Start low and go slow to reach your optimum THC dose. 
  • Refrain from taking too much THC before developing tolerance; excessive THC dosage may cause undesirable symptoms like euphoria or paranoia. 

If you know how much to take and when THC can have a wonderful impact on your life. 

If you still have questions, consult with one of our friendly Cannabis Genesis420 Dispensary cannabis specialists before choosing a dosage of THC.  

Always remember: be safe, start low, go slow, and enjoy your personal cannabis journey! 

THC Dosage FAQs 

How to calculate THC oil dosage?  

Calculate how much THC is in each ml. For example, if you get a 10ml bottle with 100 mg THC, taking 1ml will give you 10mg THC. So, if you want to take 2.5 mg, you should take 0.25 ml. 

How much THC oil dosage should you take? 

Start with the lowest dosage that your product allows. 

How do I moderate my dosage of THC?  

Start low and increase the dosage by very small amounts (typically 1mg) each day. Wait 24 hours between increasing THC dosage. 

How many milligrams of THC is in a serving dosage?  

For the National Health Institute, a THC unit is 5 mg. For several U.S. states, a serving is 10mg. Short answer: between 5 and 10 mg. 

How to calculate dosage of THC in edibles?  

Divide the total THC content by the number/weight of cookies, chocolate bars, or other items in the package. This will give you the exact THC content of each cookie, etc. 

How to calculate THC-infused butter dosage? 

Divide total THC content by weight in gr, oz, etc. This will give you the THC content per ounce, gram, etc. 


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