What is One Up Mushroom Bar?

The One Up Psychedelic Mushroom Bar is a product born of the new micro-dosing trend that many people are partaking in. 

Though many people want to experience the psychedelic effects of mushrooms, let’s face it: the taste of mushrooms can be a little yucky, which has led to companies like One Up Mushroom bars combining psychedelic mushrooms with chocolate and other flavors. 

One Up Mushroom Bars are chocolate bars containing psychedelic magic mushrooms. These chocolate bars are inspired by the Super Mario video games, which is evident by the presence of characters like Toadstool and Yoshi on the One Up Mushroom Chocolate Bar packaging. 

The founders of One Up Mushroom Bars compare the feeling of eating one of their bars to the effect of getting a 1-up mushroom in Super Mario, which comes with a burst of energy and creativity. 


One Up Mushroom Bars have classic chocolate bar flavors such as Milk Chocolate and Cookies N Cream. The company also makes Girl Scout-themed cookies such as Tagalong, Thin Mints, Do-si-dos, and Trefoils. They even make a vegan chocolate bar for those that don’t consume animal products. 

One Up Mushroom Bar price is around $30 per 3.5-gram bar. The bar is cut into twelve pieces, and each piece is about 290 mg. 

One Up Mushroom Chocolate Bar Review

One user tried a One Up psychedelic mushroom chocolate bar with his girlfriend, and they both really enjoyed the taste of the Cookies N Cream flavor. 

The Cookies N Cream flavor seems to be the favorite among users. His experience was milder, and he felt kind of numb and dizzy. He was hoping for some fun hallucinations and was disappointed that he didn’t see anything. 

He ended up falling asleep and missing the remainder of the trip. His girlfriend was unable to sleep, was a bit more paranoid, and didn’t have the best of trips. 

Other users reported experiencing more extensive but pleasant trips with brighter colors, floating family members, and melting letters and paintings. 

Similar Brands Like One Up Mushroom Bar Here in Cannabis Genesis420 Online

Golden Teacher 1200 MG Chocolate Bars – Dreamland Psychedelics

This product is available on Cannabis Genesis420 Online and comes in several flavors, including Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate with Almonds, Dark Chocolate, and Cookies N Cream. 

Dreamland Psychedelics is based in Canada, and their mushroom bars are made with natural, wholesome cocoa and contain Golden Teacher mushrooms. 

These mushrooms are a variant of Psilocybe Cubensis, which is known for delivering a tranquil, easy-going trip. 

If you are interested in going on a little chocolate trip, you can buy this product here.

User Review

Users say the taste is delicious and helps mask that earthy mushroom flavor. The people who have tried the Golden Teacher 1200 MG Chocolate Bars by Dreamland Psychedelics didn’t experience bad trips but enjoyed their psychedelic journeys.

Golden Teacher 3000 MG Chocolate Bar – Dreamland Psychedelics 

This stronger partner to the 1200 MG Golden Teacher Chocolate Bar is for more experienced psychedelic mushroom users. It is about 300mg per square which is more comparable to One Up Mushroom Bars. 

For beginners, it is recommended to only consume ½ to one square at first to see how the Golden Teacher Mushroom affects you. The 3000 mg bar comes in the same flavors: Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate with Almonds, Dark Chocolate, and Cookies N Cream. 

User Review 

Users report that the Golden Teacher 3000 MG Chocolate Bar by Dreamland Psychedelics is really delicious and masks the taste of the mushrooms really well. 

People enjoy the convenience of the bar being split into squares that can be easily split off, and they like how easy it makes it to dose themselves properly. 

There are no reports of bad trips with this product, and most users experience a pleasant high that lasts a few hours. 

If you want to take your psychedelic journey to the next level, you can get the 3000 MG chocolate bar here.

Why Buy Products from Brands Similar to One Up Mushroom Bar Here at Cannabis Genesis420 Online?

One Up Mushroom Bars have some really cool packaging and some fun flavors. Many reviews say they taste great and work well, but they aren’t USA’s only psychedelic mushroom bars. 

Brands like Dreamland Psychedelics at Cannabis Genesis420 Online are great, affordable alternatives to One Up Mushroom Bars. They have equally tasty flavors and are available in 1200 and 3000 mg sizes, so they are great for beginner and experienced psychedelic users. 

Cannabis Genesis420 Online has a large variety of psychedelic mushroom products, including chocolate bars, dried mushrooms, and organic capsules. 

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