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There are two main types of cannabis plants – indica cannabis and sativa cannabis. These types of cannabis differ significantly in the way the plants grow and behave. The strains cultivated from each type of plant are also vastly different in terms of effects. However, there’s also a third type of strain you can find, known as hybrid cannabis.

Hybrid cannabis is created when an indica plant is bred with a sativa plant. That way, instead of getting a new indica or sativa, you get a plant that possesses qualities of both its parent strains. Hybrid strains can be confusing to grow as they might act like indica plants in some ways and sativa in others. They also offer a unique blend of effects.

Many people buy hybrid strains when they want a strain that offers a blend of their favorite effects from indica and sativa strains. Some people even seek out strains that have been made by crossing two of their favorite strains. There are also multiple types of hybrids – indica-dominant, sativa-dominant, and balanced hybrid strains.

So how are hybrid plants grown, what kind of effects should you expect from each hybrid strain, and where can you sample the best hybrid marijuana strains? Here are eight things you must know about hybrid cannabis.

1. Hybrid Plants Are Created Via Cross-Pollination

New cannabis strains are made via cross-pollination. Cannabis growers use male cannabis plants to pollinate female cannabis plants. Once fertilized, female plants won’t produce the same quality of weed as a non-pollinated plant would. However, they can produce seeds for a new cannabis strain.

The new strain born from this process will possess qualities of both its parent strains. For instance, crossing two pure indica strains such as Afghan Kush and Hindu Kush will give you an even more potent indica strain. It’ll also get aspects of its aroma, flavor, and appearance from both parent strains.

However, things get interesting when indica strains are crossed with sativa strains. That way, you end up with a strain that possesses the qualities of an indica and sativa parent. These strains are known as hybrid strains due to their mixed genetics.

Hybrid strains are particularly interesting for cannabis users. While many types of effects are commonly associated with either indica or sativa strains, hybrid strains often have a blend of these effects. They’re also interesting for growers as their mixed genetics mean that every plant is different.

Hybrid Plants Are Created Via Cross-Pollination

2. Hybrid Cannabis Plants Possess Mixed Qualities

Getting high-quality marijuana buds starts with the growing process, and marijuana cultivators know that indica and sativa plants are very different to grow. Indica plants are known for their short, bushy builds whereas sativa plants are tall and narrow. Indica plants are better suited to indoor growing whereas sativa plants are often grown outdoors. So what about hybrid plants?

Growing indica or sativa plants is usually easier as growers will know what to expect in terms of growing behavior, flowering time, etc. However, since hybrid plants possess qualities of both indica and sativa strains, they can vary significantly in the way that they grow and even the appearance of the plants.

For example, a hybrid strain could have the long, narrow nature of a sativa plant but the shorter growing time of an indica plant. Another could be the opposite. Cannabis cultivators often need to know the differences between hybrid strains to know exactly how they should approach growing them.

The weed harvested from these plants will also contain a blend of indica and sativa properties. A strain might veer towards typically indica or sativa effects or it might have a good balance of both. Hybrid strains are often considered indica-dominant, sativa-dominant, or balanced hybrid strains depending on their indica/sativa genetic ratio.

3. Indica-Dominant Hybrid Strains Are Good For Relaxation

Hybrid strains can vary significantly in terms of effects, especially since they inherit properties from an indica and a sativa parent. Genetic ratios of indica to sativa genetics are often used to understand hybrid strains better. That’s why, when you’re buying cannabis online or in a dispensary, you’ll often see details on its genetics listed.

Indica-dominant hybrid strains are hybrid cannabis strains that lean further toward indica genetics. Some indica-dominant strains might have a 55:45 indica/sativa ratio. Others will lean far more toward indica genetics, often boasting an indica/sativa ratio of 90:10 or more.

These types of strains will usually veer more toward the kind of effects you’d expect from classic indica strains. Indica strains are often associated with soothing and relaxing effects. They’re also considered to be the best strains for getting an intense physical high. Top indica-dominant hybrids include RockstarPink Death, and Death Bubba.

However, indica-dominant strains will also induce effects commonly associated with sativa strains. As such, you might find an indica-dominant strain that’s intensely relaxing yet still bolsters your imagination and creative thinking. Although genetics won’t tell you everything about the effects of each strain, it’s an interesting way to predict how a hybrid strain might impact you.

Sativa-Dominant Hybrid Strains Are Good For Stimulation

4. Sativa-Dominant Hybrid Strains Are Good For Stimulation

Cannabis users looking for a relaxing strain that’s still somewhat mentally stimulating will generally go for an indica-dominant hybrid. However, those who enjoy the mind-bending psychoactive effects of cannabis will usually be better served by sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strains.

Sativa strains have long been associated with cerebrally invigorating effects. For instance, pure sativa strains like Durban Poison are often recommended for users who want to enhance their mood, senses, and creativity. They’re also great for users who want to counteract mental issues like chronic stress, anxiety, and depression.

But you don’t need a pure sativa strain to get a good mind-focused high. Sativa-dominant hybrid strains are an ideal choice for stimulating your mind while still experiencing a smooth physical body high that you’d usually associate with an indica strain.

Sativa dominant strains might have an indica/sativa ratio of anywhere from 5:95 to 55:45. Whichever way, they’ll lean more toward sativa genetics. Some of the best examples of sativa-dominant hybrid strains include Jet FuelLemon Haze, and Tropic Thunder.

5. Balanced Hybrid Strains Are Extra Versatile

Indica-dominant strains are hybrid strains with a genetic profile that leans more toward indica genetics. Sativa-dominant strains are the opposite, with a genetic ratio that favors sativa genetics. But what about hybrid strains that contain an even balance of indica and sativa genetics?

These strains are often referred to as balanced hybrid strains. Balanced hybrid strains don’t necessarily always contain a perfect 50/50 balance of indica to sativa genetics, but the ratio is close enough that the strain offers an ideal mix of indica and sativa properties.

Since they contain a well-balanced blend of indica and sativa genetics, balanced hybrid strains are among the most versatile strains out there. They can provide a beautifully relaxing physical high while also stimulating your mind to boost your mood and creativity. As such, recreational users often seek these strains out for a balanced experience.

They’re also great for medical users as they offer a good mix of physical and mental benefits. For example, many balanced hybrid strains can help with pain and inflammation just as much as they can help with stress and depression. Some of the best examples of balanced hybrid strains include Rose Gold Runtz,  Mac 1, and Gelato Runtz.

Many Cannabis Strains Nowadays Are Hybrid Strains

6. Many Cannabis Strains Nowadays Are Hybrid Strains

Cannabis growers are often conjuring up new strains by crossing the genetics of old ones. Even some of the most popular hybrid strains are used for cross-pollination, and some strains might even possess genetics from three or more strains. Over time, hybrid strains have become extremely common.

Because of this, most cannabis strains you’ll find in dispensaries and recreational stores today are hybrid strains. Although some pure indica and pure sativa strains are still popular, such as Northern Lights and Durban Poison, it’s becoming increasingly rare to find strains that don’t contain genetics from both indica and sativa plants.

Hybrid strains aren’t always listed specifically as hybrid strains. For instance, indica-dominant hybrid strains are often found in the indica strains category of online dispensaries whereas sativa-dominant strains are listed as sativa strains. Strains with an even mix of indica and sativa genetics are usually labeled as balanced hybrids.

This isn’t a bad thing. By crossing some of the most interesting strains out there, we’ve ended up with a huge selection of even more interesting strains. While they vary in their genetic ratios, every hybrid strain out there offers a unique experience, along with a different aroma and taste. It’s worth checking out individual product descriptions to know exactly what you’ll get.

7. Hybrid Strains Come In Forms Other Than Just Flower

Many cannabis users test out a range of hybrid strains by buying weed. After all, you can smoke your cannabis flower strains in a joint, bong, or pipe, or even add them to a dry herb vaporizer for smooth, smokeless hits. However, it’s also worth considering that you can try hybrid strains in forms other than weed.

One of the best ways to experience the full potential of your hybrid strains is in the form of cannabis concentrates. Marijuana extracts like shatterhash, and budder are packed with THC, meaning even a small amount can give you powerful effects. You can also try flavorful high-terpene full-spectrum extracts like live resin.

You can find many excellent hybrid strains in the form of cannabis concentrates. For instance, you might want to try Bubba Kush HashBanana OG Shatter, or Peanut Butter Breath Shatter. You can mix small dabs of these extracts with weed in a joint or bowl for an exceptional smoking experience. You can also vape or dab them for even stronger effects.

Concentrates aren’t your only other options. Many THC vape pens and cartridges give you the effects of your favorite hybrid strains. For example, you can attach the Viridesco Papaya Punch Cart to a 510-thread vape pen to get the effects of the phenomenal indica-dominant hybrid Papaya Punch. Many cannabis edibles also use extracts from hybrid cannabis. 

You Can Buy Hybrid Strains Online Quickly And Easily

8. You Can Buy Hybrid Strains Online Quickly And Easily

The best way to experience the fascinating effects and benefits of hybrid cannabis strains is to try them for yourself. And, while you might find a few hybrid strains in your local dispensary, you’ll find an even wider selection when you buy weed online. Not only that, but you’ll also get great prices and convenient, discreet delivery.

Whether you’re looking for indica-dominant, sativa-dominant, or hybrid strains, there’s a suitable strain for every user. You can buy your favorite strains in quantities of 3.5 grams to an ounce depending on how much you need. If you want to try multiple strains at a great price, you can also Mix and Match 1 Ounce of numerous marijuana strains.

Of course, you’re not just limited to marijuana flower strains. You might also want to try some of the greatest hybrid strains in the form of potent cannabis concentrates. These can be smoked, vaped, or dabbed for potent effects. You can also find a range of cannabis vapesediblestinctures, and more.

Not sure which strain to choose? One of the biggest benefits of buying your weed online is that you can browse detailed product descriptions to figure out the best product for your needs. You can also view customer reviews to get a better idea of what to expect from each strain, concentrate, or edible.


Hybrid cannabis is created by crossing indica and sativa cannabis plants, resulting in a new strain that contains a mix of indica and sativa genetics. You can find indica-dominant hybrid strains, sativa-dominant hybrid strains, and balanced strains with an even mix of indica and sativa genetics. Whichever way, hybrid strains are popular due to their versatile effects.

You can experience the benefits of hybrid marijuana for yourself by smoking or vaping hybrid weed strains. You can also try hybrid strains of cannabis concentrates or even try vapes, tinctures, and edibles infused with hybrid cannabis extracts. Fortunately, you can order all of these products online in Canada from Cannabis Genesis420 Online.

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