How You Can Make THC Pills Or Gel Capsules

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Cannabis users these days often look for more convenient and easy-to-use alternatives to smoking weed. For instance, many users prefer to use THC Oils or Tinctures. These liquid cannabis products allow you to digest the cannabinoids into your body by applying them orally or sublingually. However, if you want an even more convenient alternative, you might want to try THC Pills or Gel Capsules.

THC Pills offer arguably the most straightforward way to consume THC. You don’t need any extra equipment and they’re no hassle to take- simply swallow a pill, wash it down with some water, and wait for your body to digest the cannabinoids. What’s more, you can even make them at home using any dosage you want. Here’s how to make THC Pills or Gel Capsules.

What Are THC Capsules?

THC Capsules are one of the many great cannabis products available to consumers today. If smoking weed isn’t for you and alternatives such as Edibles or Tinctures don’t tickle your fancy, then Capsules offer one of the easiest possible ways to get the effects of THC.

Each THC Capsule is filled with a fixed dose of THC. As such, you know exactly how much you’re getting each time you take one. If you want a higher dose, you can simply take two or three instead of one, making it exceptionally easy to control your dosage. These are especially useful for medical users who need to take a specific dose of THC each morning.

Taking them is also straightforward. You don’t need to waste any time and it doesn’t take any effort, just swallow a pill or two, wash it down with some water, and allow some time for your body to digest the cannabinoids. Although they might not hit you as quickly as smoking or vaping weed they’re highly effective as well as offering extra convenience.

Why Make THC Capsules?

Much like other cannabis products, you can buy THC Capsules online or in cannabis stores. However, you might want to try making some THC Capsules yourself. Making THC Gel Capsules is easy enough for anyone- you only need a few basic things and it doesn’t take much time either.

Although buying them might seem more convenient, there are a few benefits to making THC Capsules yourself. For one, you can adjust your capsules to have the exact dose of THC that you want. If you enjoy microdosing THC, you can make capsules with a micro dose of THC. If you need a specific dose each day for medical purposes, you can add that particular dose to each capsule.

You can make as few or as many THC Capsules as you need. It doesn’t cost much to get empty gel capsules and all you need to do is fill them with some high-quality THC Oil. After that, you’ll have a stash of THC Capsules to take whenever you want. You can even make CBD Capsules if you’d prefer to avoid psychoactive effects.

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What You Need To Make THC Pills Or Gel Capsules

Making THC Capsules yourself isn’t difficult. All of the things you need are affordable and easy to find. First of all, you’ll need some empty capsules made of two halves. You can find these on Amazon as well as various other stores. Decide how many THC Capsules you want to make and buy as many as you need.

Next, you’ll need some THC Oil or Tincture. Although you can make THC Oil by infusing coconut oil with decarboxylated weed, it’s much more convenient to buy THC Tincture. You can buy THC Tinctures online in various quantities, and each bottle comes with a dropper which makes it easy to measure the dose you need and add it to your capsules.

Other than that, all you’ll need is a safe container for storing your THC Capsules. Any empty pill bottle will do- just make sure you have enough space for storing all the capsules that you make. Once you have all of that, you’re ready to start making THC Capsules.

How To Make THC Pills Or Gel Capsules

To make THC Pills or Gel Capsules, you’ll need THC Oil or Tincture, a dropper or pipette, a set of empty capsules, and a container for storing your finished capsules. Once you have everything that you need, it’s time to start making your capsules.

Take one of your empty capsules and open the top half. Next, carefully measure your desired dose of THC with your dropper or pipette. Make sure you don’t use too much- 10-15mg of THC is enough for most users. Pour the THC Oil or Tincture into your capsule and reapply the top half.

You’ll need to repeat this process for every capsule that you want to make. For instance, you might want to fill 10 capsules with 15mg of THC each. You might want to open each capsule before you start filling them to make the process a little quicker.

Once you’ve filled your capsules, simply put them into your pill bottle or container and store them somewhere cool and dry. This will prevent them from being ruined by heat, light, or other elements. After that, your capsules are ready to use. Take one when you want a dose of THC and wash it down with water.

How To Make CBD Pills Or Gel Capsules

If you don’t want to get high but still want to benefit from consuming cannabinoids, you can also make CBD Capsules. The process of making these is just the same as making THC Capsules- only you’ll need to use CBD Tincture instead. You can buy CBD Tincture online in various quantities.

Once again, you’ll need some empty capsules, a dropper or pipette, and a pill bottle or container for storing your capsules. Once you’re ready, open each capsule, carefully fill it with your desired dose of CBD, and store your filled capsules in your pill bottle or container.

You can use as much or as little CBD Tincture as you want. CBD has no harmful side effects and can be used in high doses without any risk of an overdose. A dose of 15-25mg per capsule usually works well, and you can always take multiple capsules if you want more.

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Where To Buy THC Capsules

Although making THC Capsules is easy enough, some users might prefer to avoid the hassle and simply buy them. You can find THC Capsules in some cannabis stores, but the best way to get high-quality capsules is to buy them online.

You can buy THC Capsules online at We offer THC Capsules in various quantities to suit every user. Alternatively, you can also buy CBD Capsules if you’d prefer to avoid the psychoactive effects of THC.

Various other cannabis products are also available. If you’d prefer something different from Cannabis Capsules, you can also buy Cannabis Flower, Concentrates, EdiblesVapes, as well as a range of CBD products. All of these are available for delivery throughout United .


THC Pills or Gel Capsules will give you the same kind of effects you’d get from other THC products in the form of easy-to-use capsules. You can make them at home and fill them with whatever dose of THC you want. Alternatively, you can buy THC Capsules as well as any other cannabis products you need at Cannabis Genesis420 Online.

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