How To Roll A Joint With A Filter Tip

Learning how to roll a joint with a filter tip is a skill every marijuana user should learn. Although there are plenty of convenient ways to smoke cannabis from using a Bong to using a Vaporizer or even just buying Pre-rolled Joints, learning to roll can still come in handy. Rolling papers are cheap and, when you have a large quantity of weed, sometimes it’s more economical to roll a joint. Plus, joints are perfect for smoking alone or sharing with friends.

With that said, there are a few important things to remember to roll the perfect joint. As well as having finely-ground weed and quality rolling papers, you should also learn how to make and use filter tips. Also known as crutches or just tips, these are the small, cylindrical filters at the mouth of the joint that stop you from sucking weed into your mouth. Here’s a guide.

How To Make A Filter Tip

A filter tip or crutch is essential for every joint. After all, if you don’t use a filter, you’ll be vacuuming weed straight into your mouth instead of inhaling the smoke like you need to. Fortunately, it’s extremely easy to make filter tips and you can use all kinds of materials.

Usually, it’s best to use a thin piece of card or thick piece of paper for rolling a filter tip. Your filter paper should only be around 2.2 inches long and 0.7 inches wide. Make around 3-5 small folds at one end to create a zig-zag or accordion shape before tightly wrapping the rest of the paper to create a small cylinder.

It’s important to make sure the gaps in your filter aren’t too wide to avoid taking any herbs in the mouth. However, it’s fairly easy to get a filter tip right on the first try. While it’s easy to make a filter tip out of pretty much any kind of thin cardboard, it’s best to buy filter tips for optimal quality.

How To Make A Filter Tip

Is Buying Filter Tips Better?

If you want the best joints made with the best materials, you should buy filter tips instead of ripping away at any piece of cardboard you find. There are plenty of filter papers available in stores that make it even easier to roll the perfect crutches.

Like rolling papers, many of these are made out of safe, chemical-free materials to avoid health risks while smoking. Plus, most top brands of rolling papers also sell filter papers that can be rolled into tight and effective crutches. Some packs of rolling papers even come with filter papers inside.

To make things even easier, you can buy pre-rolled filter tips. These readymade filter tips from RAW are made with natural, unrefined ingredients with no bleaching or chemicals. Each one is tightly rolled to ensure you get a well-packed joint with fantastic airflow. Using pre-rolled tips is the best option if you want the best joints possible.

How To Roll A Joint With A Filter Tip

Once you have your filter tips, it’s time to roll a joint. Having a filter tip premade before rolling is the best way to roll a joint. After all, you’ll be able to wrap it around the filter to keep a perfectly cylindrical shape.

Start by grinding your weed using a Grinder. Although you can use scissors, a knife or even your hands to break your weed into small pieces, using a hand grinder designed for weed will give you the best joints. Having finely-cut weed means you’ll be able to roll your joint tightly for an optimal smoking experience.

Take a flat rolling paper and put the filter tip at one end. You may want to slightly curl the paper around the filter tip at one side to keep all of the weed inside. Add your ground weed and spread it out evenly. You can use as much or as little as you want, but make sure it’s enough to wrap the joint tightly around the tip.

With your weed nicely spread out, cradle both sides of the joint between your fingers and begin to roll. With one side of the paper wrapped tightly around the filter, take the other side and wrap it over the top, keeping all of your weed packed inside. With your joint rolled into a satisfying cone shape, lick the end of the paper to stick it down firmly.

The top of your joint will still be open. Take a pen or other thin object to push all of your weed down to ensure your joint is filled as tightly as possible. Now, twist the top end until it’s closed. At this point, your joint is ready to smoke. Simply light the end, wait for it to burn down to the weed, and inhale through the filter tip.

How To Roll A Joint With A Filter Tip

Where To Buy Rolling Papers And Filters

It’s easy to find papers in smoke shops and even in corner stores. But for even more convenience and to get high-quality products at great prices, it’s best to buy rolling papers online.

We provide a wide range of rolling papers in all brands, sizes, and materials. Whether you prefer Juicy Jays Flavored Rolling PapersRAW Classic Rolling Paper 1:1/4 or Kingpin Hemp Wraps, we have papers to suit you.

Filters are also available. For instance, you might want to use RAW Pre-rolled Tips for satisfying and well-rolled joints. We also have plenty of other Smoking Accessories available in our online store, including Grinders, Lighters, Pipes, and everything else you need to enhance your smoking experience.


If you want to roll high-quality joints, it’s best to learn how to roll a joint with a filter tip. It’s perfectly simple to make a filter tip using any piece of thin card, but you can also buy pre-rolled tips to make the process even easier.

Of course, you’ll also need a quality Grinder and the best rolling papers to make your joints as great as possible. You can find everything you need online at, including tons of premium strains of marijuana to use in your joints.

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