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When buying any cannabis products, whether online or in-person, you want to make sure that the cannabis products are of the highest quality. It can be very disappointing to order something, wait for it to be deliver, and then open it up only to find that it doesn’t fit, is already falling apart, or is just not good quality.

Cannabis products quality is especially important when buying cannabis products online. You want to make sure the cannabis you buy is of good quality, also will give you your desired effects. Cannabis products are a bit of an investment. So buying any cannabis products online that is worth what you pay is essential.

When you are buying cannabis products online, you will likely see cannabis products list alongside “A” ratings which may include an AAAA, AAA, AA, or A. Do you know what this means or how the rating is determined? Is it the same for retailers and dispensaries?

We will answer these questions and more below. Plus, find tips on how buying cannabis products online and make sure you are buying a quality cannabis products online.

The Different Tiers

When browsing a dispensary’s cannabis selection, such as Cannabis Genesis420 online dispensary. You will likely notice the different “A” ratings. Let’s take a look at what this grading system means.

A rating is something you likely won’t see on a website as it is consider the lowest quality cannabis grade. No store (or very few stores), will want people to think they are selling sub-par or low-quality cannabis. Cannabis in this category is also refer to as “dirt cannabis” and is generally made of an extract flower’s remnants (a bud use to make a concentrate). Though cannabis with this rating will be cheaper than those with higher ratings. Unless you have a specific reason for buying this cannabis products. Also you will be better off spending more in buying a higher-grade cannabis products.

AA-ratIing cannabis products are also refer to as “reggie weed.” This particular rating is often considered to be the best choice for those on a budget. However, cannabis products classify as AA are likely going to be of inferior quality. Though they are higher quality than A cannabis products. Their color may be slightly off, and the smell may not be as strong as that of a higher-grade cannabis. However, users buying AA cannabis products, may not get effects that are as strong as higher-rate cannabis products. If you are on a budget, this is a better choice than the A strains.

AAA users consider the highest-quality cannabis products buying out there, but as the cannabis products market grew and evolve. It has become the second-highest rating. This grade is often the most common users will see for sale through dispensaries. It is still of good quality, but buds may be slightly less dense than expect. AAA is a good buy, but if you are buying for the absolute highest-quality cannabis products. The next step would be your best option.

AAAA or “quads” are consider premium quality cannabis products; are the highest level that can be assign to a cannabis plant. To consider buying AAAA cannabis products, the smell, look, and taste of the particular cannabis strain should be at perfect (or near-perfect) levels. AAAA is the priciest cannabis strains option, but the price is worth it for those wanting a high-class, excellent cannabis experience.

AAAAA is a relatively new rating level online dispensaries such as Cannabis Genesis420 are using. Cannabis strains with this rating are rare and are at the highest price point. But, if you can afford it and find a cannabis strain you like at this level, it will be well worth it.

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What Goes into Deciding a Cannabis Rating Tier?

Prior to the 1990s, the weed-grading system was quite subjective, referring simply to the quality of the plant as judge by users and growers. Today, the criteria use to determine a cannabis strains rating tier focuses more on the way cannabis strains were cultivated.

USA adopt the current A through AAAA grading system in the 1990s. It has expand some to include minus and plus ratings, but not everyone uses them.

As we mention earlier, the current rating system better reflects how a cannabis plant is grown and the care given to it. The quality of the plant, as oppose to the specific effects it offers, is the determining factor.

So, what exactly goes into determining cannabis strains rating? Let’s take a look:

  • The structure of the cannabis flowers itself: This takes into consideration the cannabis flowers appearance. If it is dry to the touch, it will receive a lower grade. Mid and high-grade buds will be sticky with buds that are very to slightly geometrical. The color also plays a role, with ratings considering whether it is intense or brown. All this will help determine the cannabis flowers rating.
  • The terpene profile: Terpenes are what give each cannabis strain its unique smell and taste. There are many different terpenes, but the dominant terpene profile will have a significant impact on the taste and smell a cannabis flowers offers: the stronger the profile, the stronger the scent. High-quality cannabis should have a strong smell that reflects the terpene profile. Low-grade cannabis flowers will often have no smell or a dirt-like, earthy smell.
  • The trim of the cannabis plants: Like people and animals, cannabis plants also need to be trimmed. Cannabis growers will remove long leaves from the cannabis plant after harvesting it, helping to improve the plant’s appearance. Cannabis plants that have been trim will receive a higher grade as they better demonstrate the amount of care put into growing them.
  • The trichome density: You know those hair-like structures on your cannabis plants? They do more than give it a nice look; they are actually reservoirs of THC and play a role in protecting cannabis plants from pests and the sun. Moderate to high amounts of trichomes will indicate mid to high-level cannabis plants. Bottom-shelf weed will have very few, if any, visible trichomes.
  • The use of pesticides: We have talk about, the care to put into growing cannabis plants plays a considerable role in determining its rating, so it makes sense that the use of pesticides and other chemicals will result in a lower grade. Though the use of pesticides in growing cannabis plants is illegal, some growers will cut corners and use them to protect cannabis plants from pests. However, this poses health risks to consumers, resulting in a very low grade for cannabis flowers.
  • Ash color: One test use to determine a cannabis strain’s quality is the color and consistency of ash after it is burn. High-quality cannabis will burn white, while low quality will be black. So, the lighter the ash when it burns, the better when it comes to cannabis quality. You also want a bud whose ash stays clump, as this indicates a higher quality bud as well.

There are other factors that are used to determine the quality of the bud, but these are a few of the most well-known.

It is important for users to remember that the grading system is not a reflection of the strain but rather the quality of the bud. For example, a strain with high potency (meaning high THC content) will not automatically get an AAA or AAAA rating. A highly potent strain can still be of poor quality.

You’ll have to determine if you like a particular strain base on the effects, taste, and overall experience. You can try a strain that is high quality and not necessarily like the experience it offers. So, when choosing what to buy, you’ll want to find a strain you like that has a rating between AAA and AAAAA.

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What to Look for When Buying Cannabis Products Online

With the legalization of cannabis in USA, many online dispensaries have pop up. Just like any website, not all online retailers are create equal; some will offer better products and a better experience than others.

Before you fill your online cart and push “purchase,” it’s essential to do some research and make sure you are buying from a reputable seller and that you will get what you order. When buying cannabis products online, you should:

  1. Read online reviews of the company buying and the cannabis product. What better way to feel confident in your buying than hearing from your fellow cannabis products users? Before you order, spend time reading a given company’s reviews to get an idea of the level of service they provide customers. Then, read reviews of any cannabis products you intend buying. The reviews can give you an idea of its quality and the effects you may experience after using it.
  2. Look at the prices. The adage “you get what you pay for” is particularly applicable when it comes to buying cannabis products. You’ll want to look at the price and ensure it jives with the quality of weed being promote. For example, something listed as AAA weed at a very low price should be a red flag that it likely isn’t going to be the quality promote. Keep in mind; some dispensaries offer the lowest prices in the area, but that price should still be relative to the list grade. 
  3. Check their shipping information. One reason people decide to order their cannabis online is to help maintain anonymity. They don’t want people to see them buying cannabis products from a local dispensary. So, they also likely won’t want a big box label with its contents on their doorstep. Look to see how your order is package before you buy. Many places will ship in discrete packaging.
  4. See if they offer a guarantee. It can be frustrating to place an order only to have it get lost or never arrive. To avoid this, confirm whether the company you buy from guarantees your delivery. What happens if cannabis products doesn’t make it? On top of that, does the merchant guarantee the product’s quality? Can you return it if it arrives in poor condition? Knowing all this can help you feel more confident in your purchase.
  5. Can you get ahold of them? Finally, look to see if they make the dispensary is easy to contact. You may have a question about which strain to try (most dispensaries are happy to offer suggestions), or you may need to reach them should your package not make it. Do they have a straightforward way to get in touch, or do you not see contact information anywhere? If you can’t see how to get ahold of the company, that may be a sign you should make your purchase elsewhere. 

Researching before making a purchase online is important, but it is especially critical when buying cannabis products online. By taking time to explore the retailer’s website and offerings, you can get peace of mind when you make your purchase. If you have a good experience with an online dispensary, be sure to leave a review and help out fellow shoppers like yourself.

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When it comes to buying cannabis products, you want to ensure you are buying a quality cannabis products. To help consumers know the quality of the flower they are purchasing, USA adopted a rating system, ranging from A to AAAAA.

  • A is the lowest quality of cannabis
  • AA is considered the best choice for those on a budget
  • AAA offers mid-quality and is the most common rating found in stores
  • AAAA is considered premium-quality products
  • AAAA which is mostly used online is rare, but of the highest quality

The ratings don’t refer to a given strain’s effects; instead, they reflect the care that is given to growing a plant and the quality of the plant itself. Highly rate cannabis plants should be aromatic, flavorful, and colorful. Poor quality will often have little to no smell and be brown and dry. It’s worth noting that you could still have a potent strain that is lower quality if the plant is grown using pesticides or not cared for properly.

Finally, before buying cannabis products online, do some research. You want to make sure the quality of the cannabis list online is what you will get. Read reviews of the cannabis products you are buying and the company before placing your order to get a feel for what you can expect.

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