Everything To Know About Cannabis Sativa Strains

Everything To Know About Cannabis Sativa Strains 2

Cannabis sativa strains! With such a diverse array of marijuana strains available. Consumers are often spoilt for choice when it comes to buying weed. Each strain is unique in their taste, aroma, and often the effects they produce. However, they’re usually divide into three main types- indica, sativa, and hybrid strains. Not only are these strains know for different types of effects. But they’re also different types of plants with various contrasting qualities.

Cannabis sativa plants differ significantly from cannabis indica plants in numerous ways. For instance, they’re know for being rarer, taking longer to grow. And producing more stimulating effects compare to their indica counterparts. While indica strains are know for their relaxing qualities and hybrid strains combine qualities of both indica and sativa plants. Sativa cannabis strains are interesting for many reasons.

Popular examples of cannabis sativa strains include Jack Herer, Durban Poison, and Sour Diesel. Know for their ability to produce stimulating mental effects. There’s also a range of sativa strains known for their high CBD levels. So what are the defining qualities of sativa strains, how are they grow, and where can you get them? Here’s everything you need to know about cannabis sativa and how it differs from cannabis indica.

What Is Cannabis Sativa?

Cannabis sativa is one of the three main species of cannabis plants. When you buy marijuana, you’ll often notice that strains are sort into indica, sativa or hybrid strains. Sativa strains are grow from cannabis sativa plants. And these strains are usually know for delivering a more psychoactive, head-base high. Although each sativa strain differs in its cannabinoid and terpenoid content.

Sativa plants can grow tall and thin, with some reaching up to 20 feet tall. They’re well-suite to hot and humid climates and are often grow in warm parts of the world. Marijuana growers usually prefer to grow these strains outdoors. Due to their height and how long they can take to grow. They’re usually naturally suite to outdoor growing, provide that the weather allows for it.

These plants also take longer to grow than cannabis indica plants. However, with that said, many growers find growing cannabis sativa plants worth it. Many popular marijuana strains are sativa strains. Especially as cannabis sativa is know for producing a more mentally-stimulating and mood-enhancing head high. Sativa plants are also know for generally having higher CBD levels, making them fantastic for medical use.

Not all sativa plants are use for harvesting marijuana. For example, hemp is a type of cannabis sativa plant know for low THC levels and high CBD levels. Hemp is often use to create pure CBD products that many users prefer as a high-free alternative to marijuana. Hemp is also use to create clothes, jewelry, building materials, and a lot more. Showing just how diverse cannabis sativa plants can be.

How Do Cannabis Sativa Plants Grow?

If you plan to grow cannabis sativa plants, you can expect them to take a while. Growing sativa plants can be more of a challenge than growing indica plants, especially for home growers. However, if you live in a warm climate, sativa plants can often be grow outdoors without much extra effort.

Sativa plants are notable for just how tall they can grow. While indica plants usually grow to around 3-6 feet and are know for their short and bushy nature. Sativa plants grow tall and thin and can reach up to 20 feet tall. The buds that grow on sativa plants are usually also fairly long and narrow. Although they can produce some extremely impressive yields thanks to their significant growth.

These tall, thin plants can sometimes take up to twice as long to grow as indica plants. They require a lot of sunlight and nutrients to reach their full potential. Although the yields you get from them often make it worth the time. They sometimes need 3 months in the flowering stage before maturing enough to harvest.

Since sativa plants grow so tall and are well-suite to hot and humid climates. Growing sativa plants indoors can be difficult compare to indica plants. You’ll need a lot of space and they’ll also need a lot of care over a long period. As such, sativa plants are usually better for outdoor growers. When grown in hot weather, sativa plants don’t need as much hands-on care, although they’ll still need water and nutrients.

What Effects Can You Expect From Cannabis Sativa?

When consumed, each marijuana strain offers slightly different effects. However, strains are often categorize by whether they’re sativa, indica or hybrid. As each of these species is know for a different general set of effects. While indica strains are usually the go-to for users looking for relaxing and soothing effects, sativa strains are better know for delivering an energizing and stimulating high.

Sativa marijuana strains are often know for delivering a powerful head high. They can swiftly boost your mood, making you feel happy, carefree, and motivated. Some studies have shown that cannabis can effectively reduce stress, depression, and anxiety within a couple of puffs, and sativa strains are a prime example of this.

Since they often stimulate your mind and your body, sativa strains are also know for being great for daytime use. Users who want a marijuana strain to perk them up first thing in the morning often for sativa strains due to their uplifting effects. They can also be great for social use. What’s more, sativa strains often heighten your senses and boost your creativity and focus. As such, they can be useful for taking on daily tasks or even enjoying things like music and movies more.

Although sativa strains are largely know for the mental effects they deliver, they still provide soothing physical effects as well. They can help reduce pain, inflammation, nausea, and other forms of physical discomfort. Many users find indica strains better for these purposes. But sativa strains can often help soothe you physically without making you feel too sedated. What’s more, many sativa strains contain high CBD levels- a cannabinoid known for being particularly helpful for pain, inflammation, and other physical ailments.

How Is Cannabis Sativa Different from Indica?

Cannabis indica and cannabis sativa are two of the main types of cannabis plants. Both are know for their ability to produce marijuana, but they differ in various ways. Sativa and indica plants have different physical attributes and they also differ in their growing behavior and the ways they’re usually grow. Sativa and indica strains are also believe to have different effects.

Compared to sativa plants, indica plants are much shorter and bushier. Whereas sativa plants are capable of growing to up to 20 feet. Indica plants usually grow to a height of around 3-6 feet. Their buds are usually thicker and denser than the buds grown on sativa plants. And their small size and ability to grow fast has many benefits for growers.

While many growers prefer to grow sativa strains outdoors as they benefit greatly from extra space and sunlight. Indica plants are often consider better for indoor growing. Indica plants can flower and mature quicker than sativa plants. And when grown indoors you can control the growing conditions to make them grow even faster. Plus, since they’re much shorter than sativa plants, they can be grow well even in enclose indoor growing spaces.

When compare to sativa strains, indica strains are know more for producing an intensely relaxing physical high. These strains are regularly use for dealing with painful conditions and are also helpful for aiding sleep due to their sedating properties. Although sativa strains also have physical effects, many users find the physical effects of indica strains much more prominent. Indica strains are also know for making you feel mentally relaxes, and hazy whereas sativa strains are consider to be much more stimulating.

When Should You Use Sativa Strains?

Since they’re know for helping with your mood, stimulating your mind. And making you feel more energetic, there are many situations where you may prefer sativa strains over indica strains. They’re often consider the best kind of marijuana strains for daytime use due to their uplifting and motivating qualities.

Many people use sativa strains when they need a wake-and-bake strain. They can help perk you up in the morning. Taking away negative moods and making you feel more optimistic and motivated to take on the day. Whereas many indica strains are more likely to make you want to go back to sleep. Many users find that sativa strains make them more physically energetic.

Sativa strains can also be useful for social situations. Many promote a more giggly, talkative, and social mood, making them great for sharing with friends. While indica strains can help make you more calm and relaxed socially. You may find that they make you too lazy and unfocused for social use.

When it comes to medical uses, sativa strains are generally consider better for relieving mental issues. Users with depression often find sativa strains useful for relieving their negative moods and making them more motivated. These strains can also help users who need to counteract conditions associated with fatigue. While indica strains are consider better for physical ailments. Sativa strains can help soothe you physically without being too overwhelming or sedating.

Where To Buy Cannabis Sativa Strains

Whether you’re looking for a stimulating head high or want relief for issues such as chronic stress, depression, and fatigue. It’s worth trying out some sativa strains for yourself. You can buy sativa strains online and there are plenty to choose from, each with some unique qualities.

For example, you may want to try Lemon Sour Diesel, a strain with a delicious citrus flavor known for delivering an incredibly euphoric and mentally-enlivening high. Another popular option is Grape God, a strain that will swiftly put you in a happy and positive mood while also delivering enjoyable physical effects.

Other options include Orange CrushGreat WhiteJuicy Fruit, and Candyland. All of these strains are fantastic choices. And you might want to try a few out to see which you like best. There are also various other strains available in our online store.

When Should You Use Indica Instead Of Sativa?

Although sativa strains are useful for many situations, there are situations where you may prefer to buy indica strains. Indica strains are know for being more relaxing and soothing than sativa strains. And they also come in handy for many medical conditions.

Due to their intensely relaxing effects, indica strains are ideal for evening and nighttime use. Users who want to simply relax and take away the stress of the day find these strains particularly useful. They can put you in a carefree state of mind as well as relaxing you physically.

Indica strains are great for helping you sleep. They often help by putting you in a physically and mentally relaxed state where it’s easy to doze off. Some potent indica strains may even make you fall straight to sleep if you use enough. What’s more, the physical effects of indica strains are ideal for relieving severe and chronic pain.

When Should You Use Hybrid Instead Of Sativa?

Hybrid strains are another option. These are strains grow from hybrid cannabis plants that combine both indica and sativa genetics. Hybrid plants often have a mix of properties from both of these types of cannabis plants. And the strains grown from them can also give you a great mix of indica and sativa effects.

Users looking for the most versatile strains for all-around use will enjoy hybrid strains. Many deliver an intensely soothing physical high while also stimulating your mind and making you feel more curious and focused. They can also be great for medical users. As they help with a wide variety of both physical and mental ailments.

You can buy hybrid strains online and there’s plenty to choose from. Some lean more towards indica genetics and some lean towards sativa genetics whereas others give you an even balance of both.


Cannabis sativa plants are tall, thin cannabis plants known for growing extremely tall and producing impressive yields. They’re best grow outdoors due to their tall heights and need for sunlight. Although they can take a while to grow. Sativa strains are usually associate with mentally stimulating effects, although they also produce enjoyable physical qualities. If you want to try some sativa strains for yourself or try out the alternatives. You can find plenty to choose from at cannabisgenesis420.com.

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