Smoking marijuana is still the most common method of ingestion. Some users prefer to roll joints, while others prefer to smoke from a bong or pipe. Whichever way, smoking suits users who want a traditional, convenient method. Eating marijuana Edibles is another popular method of ingestion- all you have to do is eat some tasty snacks for powerful effects. But which is better?

Both methods work well, and both have their pros and cons. You may even want to try both out. Users who want stronger effects may prefer Edibles, whereas smoking gives you a massive choice of strains. Here’s a guide to Edibles vs. Smoking to determine a better method of ingesting marijuana for you.

Benefits of Smoking Marijuana

Smoking is the most traditional way to consume marijuana. You’ll need to grind your weed and roll it in a joint or smoke it with a bong or pipe, but it’s a great way to enjoy marijuana on your own or with friends. While there are now many new and innovative ways to use marijuana, many people still prefer smoking for a few reasons.

For one, smoking gives you all kinds of options. You can alter what kind of high you’ll experience by choosing between indica strainssativa strains or hybrid strains. You also have a ton of choices when it comes to how to smoke. If you don’t like the effort it takes to roll a joint; you can use a handy bong instead. Not only is it quicker, but it gives you stronger and smoother hits.

You can enhance your smoking experience by mixing cannabis concentrates with your weed, leading to even stronger effects. Smoking may not be the healthiest method of consumption, but passing a joint around is great for social situations and smoking using a bong or pipe is also a convenient way to use weed at home.

Benefits of Smoking Marijuana

Drawbacks of Smoking Marijuana

Although smoking is probably the most popular way to use weed, it has a lot of drawbacks. For one, it’s hard to be discreet when smoking. Smoking leaves behind a strong smell, and many landlords restrict smoking marijuana on their property, making it hard for users to find a decent place to smoke.

Many users also avoid smoking for health reasons. Fortunately, smoking marijuana is nowhere near as bad as smoking cigarettes. Research even suggests that smoking weed can increase your lung capacity. However, burning cannabis can still produce harmful toxins, according to studies. Health-conscious users may want to use smokeless methods of consumption instead.

Smoking is also far from the most efficient method of consumption. If you plan to roll joints, you’ll need to buy a grinder, rolling papers, and a lighter and take the time to roll a satisfying joint. While using a bong or pipe reduces the time spent, you’ll still have to pay extra money just to enjoy your weed.

Benefits of Edibles

Marijuana Edibles are one of the most fun and interesting ways to enjoy the effects of marijuana. Edibles work quite differently from other marijuana products. After eating a marijuana edible, you may need to wait around 30-90 minutes for the effects to kick in. Once they do, you may be high for anywhere from 4-12 hours.

However, there are many benefits to using edibles. One of the biggest advantages is how enjoyable they are. Edibles come from delicious treats like gummies, caramels, and brownies. Similarly, you can also get marijuana-infused drinks which have the same effects.

Edibles suit users who want the strongest high possible. The high lasts much longer than smoking weed and is much stronger as your body converts the THC from edibles into the more potent 11-hydroxy-THC. It only takes a 10mg dose of edibles to get a powerful and long-lasting high, but you can also take a smaller dose for mild yet long-lasting effects. It’s incredibly cheap and enjoyable; all you have to do is eat up and enjoy.

Benefits of Edibles

Drawbacks of Edibles

Users who want intense recreational or long-lasting medical benefits will enjoy using marijuana edibles. They also give you one of the cheapest ways to get high. However, they don’t come without their drawbacks.

For one, edibles might be too strong and overwhelming for some users. Since it only takes a small dose of edibles to get high, it’s much easier to go beyond your limits and experience a bad trip. Not to mention that if you take too much, you’ll be uncomfortably high for many hours.

Getting high for 4 to 12 hours can be an enjoyable experience if you have the time, but in some cases, it’s simply inconvenient. Not to mention the inconvenience of waiting an hour or two to get high. Many users would rather enjoy a fast-acting and relaxing high for a few hours.

Edibles vs. Smoking: Which Is Better?

Edibles and smoking both have their uses. Smoking is a great option if you want to get high instantly and enjoy the effects for a few hours. Plus, you can choose between all kinds of weed strains and various smoking methods to alter the experience.

Marijuana Edibles give you a much stronger high lasting for 12 hours. This can be great for users who want the most intense psychoactive experience, but it can also be sometimes inconvenient and overwhelming. However, you can microdose with edibles for a milder and more manageable high.

If you enjoy the effects of marijuana, both of these methods are worth trying out. There are also various other options for ingesting marijuana. For example, some users prefer vaping to enjoy weed, concentrates, and oils without any smoke. Cannabis Tinctures also offer a fast and convenient way to consume marijuana.

Edibles vs Smoking


Smoking marijuana and eating marijuana edibles are both viable methods of marijuana consumption. The choice of which to use often depends on whether you want fast-acting and moderate effects or an intense, long-lasting high. Whichever you prefer, you can buy a range of strains, edibles, and all the tools you need for smoking at Cannabisgenesis420.com.

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