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Top 5 Indica Strains To Buy Online In USA

Top Indica Strains You Can Buy Online In USA When browsing cannabis at a our online dispensary or online store, you may notice that they are usually categorized into three groups: sativa, balance hybrid, indica, AAAAA, AAAA, AAA, AA and A But before we get into the sativa versus indica strains debate, let’s go through […]

Best time to smoke weed

Choosing the right time to smoke weed has always been the key factor for its medical effectiveness. In this post, I have personally smoked at least 3 grams of weed every hour of each day. And I have done a study on the effects and feelings I experienced. The experience and effects of smoking weed […]

Common Way of Consuming Marijuana in the USA

Way of Consuming Marijuana! There are four main methods of ingesting marijuana: Smoking, Gravity Bongs, Vaping, Oral, Sublingual, Marijuana Tinctures, and topical. Each method has unique characteristics that make it more or less appropriate for some consumers. Below is an overview of the various methods of ingestion and their risks and benefits. Marijuana can be […]

6 Uses for Indica Cannabis Strains

Indica cannabis strains are a top choice for medical marijuana patients thanks to its multi-beneficial effects for so many different diseases and conditions. This particular class of cannabis dates back to the 18th century when it was first officially classified in 1785 by the French naturalist and biologist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck. Origins of the Cannabis Indica Plant The short, […]

10 Top Cannabis Strain for Anxiety In 2021

Cannabis strain for anxiety! Need a natural remedy for anxiety? According to scientific research, a few hits of marijuana can help. A study in the Journal of Affective Disorders found that just two puffs of marijuana could instantly reduce symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression for users. So what are the top marijuana strains for anxiety? High-CBD […]

Indica vs Sativa: Understanding Varieties Of Cannabis

As a marijuana enthusiast, it’s impossible for you to not have heard of Indicas and Sativas. Quite frankly, these two terms have probably affected every single decision you’ve made while purchasing your weed. In fact, due to legalization and fast changing attitudes regarding weed around the world, even people who have never touched a bong or a joint […]