Best 10 Rules on How to Smoke a Joint Properly:

How to Smoke a Joint Properly
Best 10 Rules on How to Smoke a Joint Properly: 6

How to smoke a Joint! there’s a lot of ways to enjoy weed, especially with all of the new types of marijuana-infused products and devices designed for consumption available today. However, despite having all of these new ways to ingest it, sometimes it’s hard to beat the good old-fashioned method of how to smoke a Joint.

Smoking a joint is a universally known and loved method of using weed. Many marijuana enthusiasts even pride themselves on their joint-rolling skills. It also gives you a lot of flexibility. You can add other kinds of cannabis products to your joint for a different experience, it’s easy to smoke with friends, you can make it as big or as little as you want, and it makes it very easy to control how high you get.

Rolling a joint and learning how to use it can be tricky for beginners. But once you get the hang of it, it almost becomes second nature. With that said, there are some important things to know about both rolling a joint in the first place and smoking it for the best effects possible. After all, you don’t want to make any mistakes that result in you wasting your weed or not getting as high as you want.

Fortunately, it’s nice and simple to smoke a joint and any kind of user can enjoy it. Whether you’re looking for the fun recreational effects of marijuana or you want a quick and easy way to alleviate medical symptoms, smoking a joint can help anyone out. Here are 10 rules and tips for how to smoke a joint

1. Choose The Right Weed For You

You can roll any kind of weed into a joint. The great thing about this is it gives you a ton of options when it comes to smoking joints. You can choose which weed to use based on its flavor, effects or the quality of the smoke it produces.

There’s a lot of strains to choose from, but usually choosing between an indica, sativa or hybrid strain helps. Indica strains are known for being more relaxing and helpful for pain, inflammation, and sleep problems. Sativa strains are well-regarded for uplifting mental effects and helping with stress, anxiety, and depression. Hybrid strains give you a mix of both.

Beginner users will have a tough time knowing what to smoke, especially with so many strains now on the market. However, you can find a selection of cannabis strains at Cannabis Genesis420 online dispensary, each with product descriptions and reviews to help you choose.

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2. Grind Your Weed First

Before you start rolling a joint, you must grind your weed into small pieces. Cutting your weed up in this way is useful as it makes it much easier to burn. After all, if you try to use big buds of weed in your joint, you’ll end up with a lumpy and uneven joint that you have to keep re-lighting. You’ll miss out on a lot of the THC and have a poor smoking experience overall.

Grinding is quick and straightforward, so it won’t take too much time or effort at all. The best way to grind your weed is with a weed grinder. These are available in many different types. For instance, a 2-piece grinder is a simple device that you put your weed in between and turn. You can also get 4-piece grinders that separate your weed into a different chamber and even collect the resin or kief from your weed for future use.

You can buy grinders online for cheap so there’s no excuse not to grind your weed. It only takes a few seconds and you’ll end up with finely ground cannabis which will burn well throughout. Ground weed makes it much easier to enjoy your weed and you’ll be able to roll a beautiful, tightly-packed joint.

If you don’t have a grinder, there are other ways to grind your weed. For instance, you can cut it up with scissors into a container, use a Mortar and Pestle or even put it in a Coffee Grinder. However, it’s always best to invest in a cheap and easy hand grinder for weed- these will come in handy more times than you can count.

3. Roll A Joint Properly

Once you have your weed all ground up into fine, easy-to-roll pieces, it’s time to roll your joint. Some smokers get by just fine by having their friends roll joints for them. It’s also easy nowadays to buy pre-rolls if you don’t feel like going through the effort of rolling every time you want to smoke. However, learning to roll a joint properly can be an invaluable skill for any keen marijuana smoker.

To start with, you’ll need some rolling papers. These are thin papers that can be used to roll cigarettes, spliffs or joints. You’ll also need to create a crutch or filter- a small mouthpiece you can make out of rolled paper or thin cardboard.

Put your crutch at the end of the joint and put your ground weed in the middle. Put enough in to roll a nice, tight joint. Pick up both ends of the paper and cradle the weed in the middle, rocking back and forth to spread it out evenly. Now, roll one end of the paper over the other end, using the crutch to maintain the shape of your joint. Lick the top end of the paper to stick it to the other end and twist the end of the joint to keep your weed inside.

You now have a nice, well-rolled joint. To be fair, it might take a few attempts to get this just right. However, remember that the more you roll, the better you’ll get. Some smokers even find themselves rolling fancy, advanced joints shaped like crosses or windmills once they learn just how fun it can be to roll.

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4. Light Thoroughly

Another important rule to smoke a joint properly is to light it thoroughly. People often smoke cigarettes by taking a puff while they light it. The same applies to when you smoke out of a pipe or bowl. However, the benefit of a joint is that, when done right, you can burn it and keep it burning without having to get your lighter back out the entire time.

Hold your joint up with one hand and use the other to light the end. Most joints have a rolled tip of paper at the end- start by lighting this and as it burns down to your weed, twist the joint around and light it evenly all around the perimeter. That way you’ll get a nice and even burn that’s great to smoke.

Once you’ve lit your joint properly, you won’t need to worry about lighting it again. It’ll burn well throughout and, like with a cigarette, you can simply tap the excess ashes into an ashtray. Now it’s time to enjoy your joint.

5. Make Sure You Inhale

It seems like it should go without saying that to get the effects of your joint, you’ll need to inhale. However, it’s a simple rule that many beginner users miss out on- especially if they’re not used to smoking. THC has to be inhaled into your system in order to bind to receptors in your body and make you high. As such, make sure you take a deep inhalation.

You can start by taking a drag of smoke into your mouth and then inhaling it into your lungs. Some users simply inhale while they take a puff to get an instant hit. After you’ve inhaled your hit for a couple of seconds, you can exhale and take another puff or pass the joint along.

Beginner users might wonder how they know they’re doing it right. The good thing is that the effects will often hit you as soon as you inhale. In some cases, you might need to allow some time for the weed to creep up on you. But as long as you take deep inhalations, you’ll feel high sooner rather than later.

6. Don’t Hold It In For Too Long

When using any kind of recreational substance, users often have little tricks they use to make the effects more intense. For example, drinking alcohol faster can get you drunk fast and some marijuana users believe that holding a hit in for longer will enhance their high. However, the tradition of holding your weed in longer to get stronger effects is a myth.

Although it helps to hold your weed for a second or two after inhaling, any longer than this is unnecessary and won’t make a difference. The good thing about smoking a joint is that inhaling THC doesn’t take long, and you’ll absorb pretty much all of the THC from each hit into your system.

There have even been studies on this phenomenon. One study found that when users held marijuana smoke in their lungs for 0 seconds, 10 seconds, and 20 seconds, all three approaches worked just as well with no notable differences. You can hold your smoke in for longer if you want to, but there’s really no benefit.

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7. Don’t Let Your Weed Burn Away

Another important rule for smoking a joint properly is to make efficient use of the weed. A joint burns consistently, so the longer you leave it hanging, the more weed you’ll waste. You’ll notice that if you hold a joint without inhaling the weed will still burn away at a pretty fast rate.

When you smoke a joint, make sure you don’t let your weed burn away for too long. You’ll be missing out on valuable THC which you could be using to get high. That’s not to say you should guzzle up your joint without giving yourself time to enjoy it- just don’t waste too much.

This rule is especially important when you smoke a joint with friends. Instead of letting the weed burn away, you can pass it around so that less is wasted. That way, everyone gets to consistently increase their high and you won’t be letting the joint waste away by holding onto it.

8. Know Your Limits

Just like with any kind of substance, it’s important to know your limits. Fortunately, marijuana is a fairly safe substance to use. Although it can have negative side effects, they usually aren’t too terrible and you can usually manage them well. But with that said, a bad trip can still result in anxiety, paranoia, nausea, and dizziness which you’ll want to avoid.

The good thing about smoking a joint is that you can control just how high you get. Take it one inhalation at a time and, soon enough, you’ll be in an enjoyable euphoric state. Once you have your desired effects, there’s no need to keep smoking.

If you’re smoking with friends, you can always pass the joint along once you’re happy with your high. If you’re smoking alone, it’s best to put your joint out. After all, you can always smoke the rest later and there’s no need to smoke more if it’s going to end up making you nauseous or anxious.

9. Spruce Up Your Joint

When rolling regular joints gets boring, there are many ways to spruce it up. Smoking joints can give you a lot of versatility, especially as you can add different products and make different kinds of joints.

You might want to change things up by rolling multiple strains of weed into one joint. It’ll enhance the flavor and the effects you get when you smoke it. If you want stronger effects, try adding some cannabis concentrates such as shatter or hash for a more intense kick of THC.

Alternatively, you might want to try using multiple rolling papers to make an extra-long joint or even try making artistic joints such as the cross. You could also add some tobacco to make a spliff or try packing a blunt with cigar wraps.

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10. Share With Friends

One of the best tips for enjoying a joint to the maximum is to share it with friends. Although smoking a joint on your own can still be fun and practical, it’s much better when enjoyed in the company of other smokers.

When you smoke a joint with friends, take a puff or two, pass it on, and enjoy the high together. You can show off your rolling skills, waste less weed, and most importantly, enjoy getting high with someone else.


Want to smoke a joint properly? Choose the right weed, grind it first, learn to roll properly, and you can be enjoying an amazing joint in no time. Remember to hold each inhalation for a couple of seconds- but don’t waste too much time. For the best experience, share a joint with friends or add some cannabis concentrates for a more powerful high. You can get everything you need for the perfect joint online at

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