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Trimming Weed – How to Manicure Your Buds

Despite the accessibility of machine trimmers out there on the market today, many cannabis growers still favor trimming weed by hand — wielding scissors, pruners, or shears for hours on end. While trimming weed may sound simple and straightforward, there are several factors to consider if you’re wanting to give your weed a first-class trim […]

How To Make Cannabis Oil For Your Cooking Needs

Curious how to make cannabis-infused cooking oil at home? Cannabis oil, aka canna-oil, is a staple in a variety of cannabis edible recipes. Thanks to the legalization of medical marijuana, cannabis has found a way to introduce itself in nearly every aspect of our lives. Today, we will teach you how to make cannabis-infused cooking […]

Is Weed Legal In Canada? – Cannabis 2.0

Is weed legal in Canada? Before we dive deep, have you ever heard of Cannabis 2.0? Or even Cannabis 1.0? If these terms seem new to you, then you’re not alone. Cannabis 1.0 and Cannabis 2.0 are directly related to the Canadian government’s approach to making recreational and medical marijuana legal in Canada.  When cannabis first became […]

Cannabis Tourism – A Budding Industry

With cannabis legalized in Canada in 2018 through the Cannabis Act and Cannabis 2.0 legislation released a year later in 2019, concerning distribution and regulation surrounding weed edibles, concentrates and topicals, cannabis tourism remains a promising industry, albeit still in its infancy.  Whether you like it or not, weed is here to stay, and as the industry matures and […]

Budtender – Your Cannabis Customer Service Reps

The phrase ‘budtender’ may sound like some Frankensteined phrase or cannabis colloquial term that has no real meaning, but these crucial cannabis connoisseurs are the lifeblood of the marijuana industry! With legalization officially instituted across multiple regions in North America, including all of Canada and select states in America, the cannabis industry as a whole has experienced a substantial […]

Weed Tourist: Enjoying Cannabis on Your Vacation

‍As more states and countries around the world legalize recreational marijuana, incorporating weed into your vacation has become increasingly popular. Just like sampling craft beer at a brewery or sipping wine at a local vineyard, enjoying cannabis has become a normal part of travel experiences. However, unlike bars and wineries, weed culture has its own set […]

A Complete Guide to Shatter

No, shatter isn’t some new slang word for stoned, although we could understand why newbies might confuse the two. In the cannabis space, shatter refers to a hard, hydrocarbon-extracted concentrate that resembles a glorious green shard of stained glass. The majority of people who buy shatter use it exclusively on dab rigs.  Shatter fans often […]

CBD: What’s the Difference Between CBD Isolate and Full Spectrum CBD?

When discussing CBD, it is often mentioned whether it is isolate or full spectrum. There is frequently some confusion about what those terms mean. Is there a significant difference between the two and is one better for you than the other? CBD isolate is what it sounds like: a chemical component derived from cannabis plants, […]