Indica vs Sativa: Understanding Varieties Of Cannabis

As a marijuana enthusiast, it’s impossible for you to not have heard of Indicas and Sativas. Quite frankly, these two terms have probably affected every single decision you’ve made while purchasing your weed. In fact, due to legalization and fast changing attitudes regarding weed around the world, even people who have never touched a bong or a joint […]

Cannabinoid Receptors 101

Cannabinoid Receptors! Some people use cannabis for its mind altering effects. While others enjoy it for its many medicinal and relief providing properties. But whatever reason we use weed. It wouldn’t be half as useful or as fun if our bodies. Did not naturally contain a biological network of molecules and receptors. Which is capable […]

Everything To Know About Cannabis Sativa Strains

Cannabis sativa strains! With such a diverse array of marijuana strains available. Consumers are often spoilt for choice when it comes to buying weed. Each strain is unique in their taste, aroma, and often the effects they produce. However, they’re usually divide into three main types- indica, sativa, and hybrid strains. Not only are these […]

Best Marijuana Strains for Depression In 2021

Consumers can now choose from an abundance of legal marijuana strains for both recreational purposes. Some users make use of medical marijuana for issues like chronic pain, stress, headaches, and anxiety, but did you know you can also use marijuana strains for depression? Marijuana helps counteract many of the symptoms of depression- it improves your […]

Different Stages: Cannabis Plant Growth Cycle

Cannabis plant growth! More states continue to legalize marijuana for medical and recreational use. This has, in turn, spurred the rapid growth of the cannabis industry. Currently, the industry has billions of dollars’ worth in retail sales. As per the Cannabis Act, adults can grow up to four cannabis plants per household. However, some territories and […]

Silencing the Stigma of Medical Marijuana Use

Medical marijuana stigma! Since this article was originally written. The USA has passed a law that allows people throughout the nation to use both medical and recreational marijuana. To see the specific laws, you can view that information here.  As forward as the momentum of medical marijuana is moving across the USA. Many legal medical marijuana card-holding […]