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When you’re a marijuana beginner, it usually doesn’t take much to get high. Even a few hits of high-quality weed could give you a solid, euphoric high for a few hours. However, once you’re used to smoking weed regularly, it becomes much harder to get a good high. This is because your body swiftly builds a tolerance to THC, so you might need some hacks for when your weed tolerance is too high.

If you’ve noticed that it’s taking significantly longer to get high or just that it’s significantly harder, your tolerance to weed has probably become too high. There are two approaches to dealing with this- you can either focus on using products and methods of consumption that hit you harder or you can focus on resetting your tolerance so that weed hits you as hard as it used to. Either way, you’ll start getting some of the most sensational marijuana highs again.

No matter which route you go, there are various effective ways to get around a high weed tolerance. For instance, if you want to get higher, you can use stronger strains or even upgrade to other types of marijuana products. If you’d rather lower your tolerance, sometimes it’s as easy as taking a smoking break. Here are 8 of the best hacks for when your weed tolerance is too high.

1. Try A Stronger Strain Of Marijuana

If you’re smoking marijuana all the time and find that your joints just don’t hit you hard enough anymore, then it might be due to the strains you’re smoking. Each marijuana strain is different, and on top of offering unique aromas, tastes, and colors, they can also vary significantly when it comes to potency.

Some strains of weed contain around 10-15% THC, which generally gives you a mild and very manageable high. In the mid-range, 15-20% THC levels will give you a fairly strong high, but it might begin to feel weak if your tolerance is too high. If you find yourself at this level, you might want to upgrade to strains with THC levels of 20% or higher for the hardest-hitting effects.

There are plenty of powerful marijuana strains to try if you find your tolerance is too high. You might want to check out some of the best hybrid strains on the market such as Death Bubba or Cotton Candy, both of which contain over 20% THC. Of course, there are also plenty of potent indica strains and sativa strains to try.

As long as you pick a potent, hard-hitting strain, you’ll feel like you’re back to your low-tolerance days. You’ll be met with potent euphoria, mental stimulation, and deep physical relaxation, making for a sensational experience. If you need a milder high, simply go back to strains with lower THC so you don’t increase your tolerance more.

Upgrade To A Pipe Or Bong

2. Upgrade To A Pipe Or Bong

While upgrading to a stronger strain of weed is one effective approach, you can also counteract your high tolerance by upgrading your smoking method. While rolling joints or packing blunts can get you so far, you might want to try using a powerful smoking device such as a Pipe or Bong for stronger effects.

Marijuana Pipe is a handy portable tool that allows you to get powerful hits of THC swiftly and easily. Instead of having to roll your weed every time you smoke, you can just add a generous portion to the bowl of your pipe, light, and inhale. The benefit of this is that you can take in plenty of THC with each hit.

Alternatively, a Bong (also known as a Water Pipe) offers even stronger effects. These devices are much larger and usually give you much bigger hits. What’s more, they filter your smoke through a water chamber, making it cooler and smoother by the time it hits your mouth. All of this results in an enjoyable and potent high.

You could also try other types of devices. For instance, a Twisty Glass Bubbler is another portable tool that’s ideal for getting strong hits. You might even want to try a Loose Leaf Vaporizer– these allow you to vaporize your weed, meaning you’ll get hits of potent THC without any smoke. Research shows vaporizing cannabis can give you even stronger effects than smoking it.

3. Try Vaping Potent Marijuana Concentrates

Using stronger products and upgrading to a method of consumption that hits you harder are both effective approaches for getting a stronger high. So why not combine both? If you want a surefire way to get extra high, then you might want to try vaping Marijuana Concentrates.

Marijuana Concentrates are weed extracts that separate the potent, THC-packed trichomes from the rest of the plant. This results in products that boast extremely high THC levels of anywhere from 60-99%. They also come in various forms, such as Shatter, Live Resin, and Budder.

Since concentrates are packed with THC, it only takes a small amount to get a potent high. This makes them perfect for users with high tolerance levels who need a new way to break their plateau. And while you can simply mix your concentrates with weed in a joint or blunt, vaping is the best way to experience their potent effects.

Vaping Marijuana Concentrates involves using a Concentrate Vaporizer, such as the Linx Ares Honey Straw Vaporizer or the Airis 8 Vaporizer. These devices make it easy to add your chosen extract, heat it to produce powerful vapor, and inhale it to bring on a sensational high within seconds.

Use Marijuana Edibles Instead

4. Use Marijuana Edibles Instead

Another highly effective way to get around a high weed tolerance is to use Marijuana Edibles. Although smoking can give you a potent high and vaping can often produce even stronger effects, Edibles are stronger than both. Not only are the effects more pronounced, but they also last for much longer.

Edibles are marijuana-infused food products that come in various fun forms. When you consume marijuana orally, your body converts the usual Delta-9-THC to 11-hydroxy-THC. This is a much stronger form of the chemical, so the euphoria and relaxing effects you usually experience will feel a whole lot stronger on Edibles.

Since your body needs time to convert THC to 11-hydroxy-THC, you’ll need to wait for the effects to hit you. This can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. However, once they kick in, you’ll get an intense marijuana high for anywhere from 4 hours to 12 hours, making for an incredible experience.

It’s easy to buy Marijuana Edibles online and they’re available in various forms. Whether you prefer cookies, gummies, or chewy toffee pieces, you can find Marijuana Edibles to suit your taste. You can also make them at home using all kinds of Weed Edible Recipes or even infuse weed into beverages like Marijuana Hot Chocolate.

5. Try Using Foods That Enhance Your Marijuana High

Although eating Marijuana Edibles is a surefire way to enhance your high, it’s not always practical to deal with such a long-lasting high. However, you don’t necessarily have to eat marijuana-infused foods to enhance your high. Even combining certain foods with your usual weed-smoking habits can lead to stronger effects.

Various foods contain terpenes and other components that can help enhance the effects of marijuana or even increase your high. One such example of this is mangoes. Mangoes contain high levels of Myrcene- one of the most common terpenes found in cannabis. As such, eating them leads to an entourage effect that increases your high as well as making you get high quicker.

Another good example is nuts. Since they contain high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids that bind to cannabinoids, they can help THC pass the blood-brain barrier quicker, leading to a better high. They also enhance many of the benefits of marijuana and make for an excellent snack during a smoking session.

Other examples include grapes, berries, sweet potatoes, and chocolate. If your tolerance is too high and you want to try new ways to enhance the effects of marijuana, then try incorporating some of these foods into a pre-smoking meal or even try snacking on them while you’re high on weed.

Try Drinking Beverages That Enhance Your Marijuana High

6. Try Drinking Beverages That Enhance Your Marijuana High

Much like various foods enhance your high, certain drinks can also work alongside cannabinoids to amplify the effects you get from marijuana. As such, you might want to make one of these drinks right before you smoke to counteract your high tolerance for marijuana.

Tea is a great example of this, especially as it contains a high amount of catechins. These bind to CB1 receptors in your brain and produce relaxing effects, much like cannabinoids do. As such, combining tea with marijuana can lead to an extra relaxing and soothing high.

Coffee is another good example. Since it’s packed with antioxidants, it goes well with the therapeutic effects of marijuana. What’s more, since the caffeine in coffee provides uplifting effects, it goes especially well with sativa strains.

Since citrus fruits are known to enhance your high, you might want to try some fresh mango juice. That way, you’ll get the benefits of the high levels of terpenes both from the mangoes and from your weed. You can even try combining marijuana with alcohol. Research shows that alcohol enhances the effects of marijuana and vice-versa, although it can lead to an unpleasant high.

7. Cut Down On Your Weed Use

While many of these methods are focused on making your marijuana high stronger, you might want to take the opposite approach. When you keep using stronger products and harder-hitting methods of consumption, your tolerance will keep getting higher. As such, you might want to take steps to lower your tolerance.

Many marijuana users will have a hard time completely cutting out their marijuana use. However, if you want to reset your tolerance, you should cut down on your weed use. For instance, if you’re smoking every day, try smoking every few days. You can also cut down on how much you use. For instance, if you smoke a whole joint every time you smoke, try smoking half a joint each time.

After cutting down on how much weed you use and how often you use it for a while, you should have a lower tolerance. That way, you can treat yourself to a stronger high on occasion by smoking as much as you usually would. Just remember to practice moderation so you don’t run into the same problem again.

Cut Down On Your Weed Use

8. Take A Tolerance Break And Detox

If you’ve cut down on your weed usage and your tolerance is still too high, it might be time for a proper tolerance break. Cutting out weed use completely for a while can help reset your body’s tolerance so you can go back to your old habits and experience the powerful effects of marijuana once again.

Some users find that even taking a complete break from marijuana for a week helps reset their tolerance. Some find it more effective to stop for a month. Whichever way, this is the most effective method to reduce your tolerance so that you can enjoy weed more when you start smoking again.

You might also want to take the opportunity to detox your body when you take a break from smoking. Eat healthy foods, drink healthy beverages, and maybe even exercise for a while. You could even try detox drinks. Not only is this good for your health, but the next hit of weed you take will feel much stronger as a result.


It’s natural for enthusiastic marijuana lovers to run into problems with high tolerance, but these hacks will help you when your weed tolerance is too high. Taking a smoking break is the most effective way to lower your tolerance, but those who aren’t ready to quit can also try stronger products or stronger methods of consumption.

Fortunately, it’s now easier than ever to get all the marijuana products you need in one place. Whether you’re looking for stronger strains of weed, other products like Concentrates or Edibles, or even accessories like a Pipe or Vaporizer, you can get all of these and more at Cannabis Genesis420 Online.


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