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Picking up new strains at the dispensary always entails one question: “what strain are you looking for: an indica or a sativa?”

People have varying preferences when it comes to the effects of cannabis, but most of the time they boil down to the classic indica vs. sativa classification system.

People choose one variety over the other for a reason. If you prefer sativa strains, you probably enjoy the energetic buzz and a boost of creativity accompanied by a giggly mood and lots of motivation.

Your ideal picture of a daily routine hardly involves melting into the couch and surrounding yourself with food.

But as our understanding of different cannabis strains grows better every year, people have realized they actually can use some indica strains and get, at least, a portion of the effects they so appreciate about sativas.

The way we experience cannabis high and its medical benefits depends on a range of factors, such as one’s mood and energy level, terpene content and ratios between cannabinoids in one’s strain, delivery method and dose, your personal brain chemistry, and more.

In this article, we highlight the 8 best indica cannabis strains for sativa fans.

Are you ready to cross the river?

1. Kosher Kush

Kosher Kush is a California-derived strain with a mysterious indica lineage. Created by DNA Genetics, this flower is full of tantalizing herbal aromas accentuated by notes of lemon and pine. Boasting up to 25% THC, Kosher Kush is a powerful relaxant.

Although its high might seem a bit hypnotic and body-numbing at first, once you let the effects develop, you’ll be surprised by its sativa side. Kosher Kush tends to induce giggles and chattiness, something perfect for social settings and chill-out indoor parties where people come to relax but don’t want to be silent like a stone.

Purple Chemdawg

2. Purple Chemdawg

Royal Chemdawg features some incredible genetics. A cross between Chemdawg 91 and  Deadhead OG strains, this indica-dominant hybrid takes the best from both strains and contains them in a sweet-smelling flower that can surely pack a punch with its THC content of 17% – 25%.

Royal Chemdawg provides an energetic cerebral high followed by significant body relaxation. Surprisingly for an indica-dominant bud, this strain doesn’t tend to make people couch-locked. It’s a great tool for awakening the mind while calming the body.

Let alone the mouthwatering bouquet of earthy-grape aromas.

3. Sunset Sherbet

Sunset Sherbet owes its quality to the legendary Girl Scout Cookies strain. Boasting up to 20% THC per dry mass, this strain may not be the most potent indica-dominant bud out there, but the overall experience is quite amazing, and the funky and pungent aromas will make you want to stick your face into the jar full of its buds.

The high from Sunset Sherbet starts off in the head, bringing a joyous and uplifting buzz. Later on, you should be able to feel a mellow sensation spreading down to your body, making the strain a decent choice for chronic pain sufferers who want to stay productive throughout the day.

4. Strawberry Banana

A potent indica-dominant hybrid from DNA Genetics, this delicious herb produces more of a euphoric high than other strains from this ranking thanks to its well-balanced indica/sativa lineage. Strawberry Banana is a cross between Bubble Gum and Banana Kush. It’s also loaded with THC, sitting at between 22–26%.

Strawberry banana features potent psychoactive effects, but it isn’t completely sedative, which makes it a good choice for sativa fans who seek a more mellow vibe in the evening and don’t want to get overstimulated by the cerebral buzz coming from a sativa.

5. Alien Dawg

If you’re a sativa fan looking for indica strains to explore, you should give Alien Dawg a shot. This indica-dominant flower is quite potent, with up to 20% of THC on average. You can literally see its might by looking at the impressive resin production on its calyxes. Cannabis connoisseurs find this strain a golden mean between keeping their mood positive and their mind focused. It’s best to consume Alien Dawg throughout the day to maintain the right energy levels and manage your work.

Alien Dawg

6. Somango

Somango has a pristine reputation among sativa fans thanks to its ability to make the consumer relaxed but sharply focused and creative. In addition, Somango has one of the best flavor profiles we’ve ever had a chance to sample. You’ll rarely find sweet and sour aromas pumped with exotic fruits and pine in other indica strains.

On top of that Somango has a high CBD content, so the psychoactive effects aren’t so intense and despite the indica dominance, the hybrid will keep you invigorated and productive throughout the day. Its creativity-inducing properties are well suited for activities like writing, drawing, or making music.

7. Candy Cane

Candy Cane is an indica-leaning hybrid created by crossing Mango, White Widow, and AK-47. With such remarkable genetics, sativa lovers will love this strain for its ability to relax their mind while stirring creativity and keeping the consumer’s energy levels relatively high. Its sweet flavor of tropical fruits will remind you of summer holidays, and 18% of THC will definitely make you feel uplifted and more talkative. Some users report that Candy Cane is their go-to wake n’ bake strain due to its energetic high.

8. Power Kush

Sativa fans looking for a mix of an energy boost and euphoria without any signs of drowsiness will fall in love with Power Kush. Although the cerebral effects aren’t as strong as that of a pure sativa, this bud will keep you sharp-minded and focused in any stressful situation you might experience throughout the day. As for its indica side, Power Kush is beneficial when it comes to treating mood disorders, anxiety, and depression.

Are there any sativa fans with us here? What indica strains would you recommend to your buddies who are looking for a springboard from typical sativa effects to balance them a bit? Let us know in the comments below!

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