6 Uses for Sativa

6 Uses for Sativa
6 Uses for Sativa 2

Cannabis Sativa is a major strain of marijuana that is widely used for the various properties it promotes. This particular species, originally, was grown in equatorial countries including Colombia, Mexico, and Thailand. Because of this, the plant evolved to thrive in hotter climates that had a copious amount of sunshine available. Its name “Sativa” was given by Swedish botanist Carl Linneaus in 1753 and stems from the Latin word “cultivated”—a fitting description based on the nature of the plant.

Sativa trees can grow from eight feet tall all the way up to 20 feet, given the space. Its long, thin leaves give it the ability to soak up more daylight, and Sativa strains take a longer time to cultivate than their counterparts, Cannabis Indica, another major variety with opposite physical and growth characteristics.

Sativa strains typically have lower CBD (Cannabidiol) components but a higher THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) concentration. However, Hybrid strains, which are a mix of both Indica and Sativa, can cause this general characteristic to vary. Terpene compounds pinene and limonene tend to be more prevalent in Sativa plants. And contribute to the uplifting, euphoric high associate with its use.

On top of producing uplifting effects, the species is linked to multiple medicinal benefits. It has the ability to enhance mental stimulation, which makes it often better for daytime use. Want to know more? Here are six uses for Sativa and how it can work to benefit different aspects of your life.

1. Increase Focus

Sativa holds multiple properties that can lead to increased mental focus. It has been used medicinally as a replacement for Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). When someone experiences a lack of focus, the cause can stem from many different places. A decrease in focus could be caused from low energy and fatigue. Outside stresses distracting from the matter at hand or overall disinterest in a topic.

There are all sorts of varieties of Cannabis Sativa that can zone in on the particular problem that’s pulling you away from being engaged. Some might have higher THC levels, lower CBD concentrations or a balance between the two components. Don’t be afraid to try multiple strains at first to see what fits your needs.

To increase mental energy and engagement perhaps for school or work, the Sour Diesel and Cinex strains of Sativa can give you a similar kind of buzz that caffeine does and makes you excited for that laundry list of tasks you might have. While it does have uplifting, euphoric effects, these strains may not be right for you if you are more prone to feelings of anxiousness or have anxiety. This is because it typically has a more potent THC concentration that may cause the mind to operate at a higher capacity which can work against some symptoms of anxiety. In the case where you might have difficulty focusing because your mind is already racing, you may want to try a more calming strain like the Hybrid Harle-Tsu. It has lower levels of THC and can give you a clear-headed, calming feeling that allows you to think straight.

2. Socialize with Sativa

Social anxiety, or simply just being in the right mood to talk to others, doesn’t always come naturally. In fact, it can take a lot of energy and mental capacity to throw yourself into situations where you may not know anyone in the room. Luckily, Sativa can be the solution to your next social shindig.

Sour Dream is a Sativa-dominant. Hybrid strain that combines energy and euphoric effects that can make you more talkative and able to engage and hold long conversations. Things can get a little funnier and upbeat and when you’re out at a party. This type of positive energy you bring from using Sativa is infectious and people will gravitate toward the good vibes.

3. Channel Creativity

Sativa is the perfect strain for any creative endeavors you want to dive into. Think – making art, writing or playing music. The terpenes and cannabinoids that give Sativa strains their unique effects. Contribute to its role in expanding imagination and opening the gates for thoughts and ideas. Creativity is fuel by motivation and when the mood strikes, you want to take it and run with it. Unfortunately, a lack of energy can really put a halt on the creative process. Different Sativa varieties can supplement various creative activities.

A Sativa strain like Kali Mist, can awaken you and increase mental stimulation to find that inspiration and creativity that lies within. Purple Haze is another popular Sativa that lends a hand in breaking down that mental block and removing any negative thoughts bogging down your mind. For days where you need endurance and to maintain your mental engagement for long periods. The Tangie strain can make tedious work and long projects seem more enjoyable.

4. Improve Mood

Sativa cannabis has been widely use to treat mood disorders varying from acute mood swings to more severe cases such as depression. Depression can be a debilitating disease that is characterize by loss of appetite, erratic behavior, lack of motivation. Feelings of disinterest and general unhappiness. Sativa strains with lower to moderate levels of THC are more ideal for treating symptoms of depression. Additionally, its ability to regulate serotonin levels can work to counter the effects of mood disorders.

Try Blue Dream to help replace feelings of sadness with motivation to socialize and surround yourself with positivity. Another strain, name after a popular weed-centric comedy Pineapple Express, is one of the most popular strains that’s know for its uplifting effects. Then there’s Sour Kush which is has a powerful impact on improving mood and gives you a high that can take your mind off problems.

5. Promote Productivity

Sativa tends to have a lower level of myrcene. The terpene that’s more often in Indica that contributes to a sedative impact. This makes Sativa a more ideal strain for promoting productivity. The strain can create a feeling of alertness that can fuel productivity in all types of life applications. Whether it’s a workout or a deadline that needs to be make at work. Sativa can be a go to solution to making people feel motivate to push through hard. Busy days and achieve their goals.

One of the best strains for productivity is Green Crack. Not only does this variety give you energy. But it also promotes sharp mental focus and increase mental clarity so you can work productively throughout the day.

6. Fights Decreased Mental Cognition

The cerebral benefits of using Sativa can go beyond just improving mental focus. Medicinal marijuana has been link to fighting mental deterioration, dementia, and diseases like Alzheimer’s. Losing memory, recognition problems and difficulty with speech are the main symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. Along with personality or behavioral changes and disorientation.

THC have the ability to remove amyloid from the brain. Which is a toxic component that worse the brain of Alzheimer’s patients. Marijuana also holds anti-inflammatory properties. And using Sativa can help to decrease inflammation that damages nerve cells. Green Crack and Sour Diesel are just two of the Sativa-dominant cannabis strains that can be use to treat decreasing mental cognition and fight Alzheimer’s disease.

Use of Cannabis Sativa Right for You?

When deciding if Sativa is right for your needs. How much use you can get out of the particular varieties of cannabis. It’s important to note that there are so many different strains and breeds that have Sativa properties. You most likely will come across a Hybrid strain. Which blends characteristics of both Sativa and Indica. Pay close attention to what terpenes and cannabinoids are in the strains you choose. Hybrids that mix both Sativa and Indica can often produce a feeling of alert mellowness. You can learn more about the differences between the two strains in our guide to Indica vs Sativa.

Expect an earthy and piney flavor profile with Sativa strains. Some of the most popular Sativa-dominant strains you might hear of are Silver HazeBlue DreamSour Diesel, and White Widow. The general rule of thumb when using Sativas is to take it either orally. Or an inhale form during the daytime to fully enjoy the invigorating. And uplifting experience so many strains bring to users. Whether it’s treating depression, fatigue or ADD, or you simply just need a boost in creativity. Sativa can be the solution.

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