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Do you or someone you know suffer from muscular pain? 

If yes, you’re not alone. 

Millions of Americans suffer from muscular pain – in fact, according to surveys, every one in five Americans live with some form of chronic pain. 

Don’t worry, because we have some good news for you. 

Consuming medical marijuana can be extremely effective for pain management. 

Marijuana and pain management

A huge number of clinical studies have proved the Cannabis plant’s ability to help manage and cure several different types of pain.

From chronic pain to muscular spasms, consuming medical cannabis has proved effective against them all. 

Generally, pain can divided up into 3 different types, which are

  1. Nociceptive Pain: The most common type of pain, which results from a physical injury to your body’s tissues, muscles or bones. It is often treated with anti-inflammatory drugs.
  2. Neuropathic Pain: This too can be caused by physical injuries to your body’s nervous system. However, this kind of pain cannot be treated by common anti inflammatory drugs.
  3. Functional Pain: often called mystery pain or central pain. This kind of pain is not caused by any obvious injury, but it does exist, and is often confusing for many medical experts as well

Luckily, research has shown us that cannabis is effective against all of them. However, in this article, we will be focusing on nociceptive pain.

The cannabis flower contains a lot of active compounds and the most famous and useful ones are the two cannabinoids – THC and CBD. 

These cannabinoids have potent anti- inflammatory properties, which enter your body and react with its CB2 receptors. This reaction effectively slows down the pain receptors firing in your body, dampens pain, and reduces swelling effectively.

However, this does leave us with a rather confusing question. With so many different types of marijuana products out there, which strains are best for muscle pain?

Again, you do not need to worry. 

As the oldest dispensary in business, Cannabis Genesis420 Online has the best strains in stock for pain management. 

What kind of strains should I use?

It is a commonly known fact that you should only choose hybrids when looking to treat muscle pain. Hybrid strains contain healthy amounts of CBD and THC, both of which have powerful anti-inflammatory properties, and fight pain in different ways.

CBD is much more effective in reducing pain and swelling on or near your injury, while THC activates the CB2 receptors, and helps your body dampen it’s pain inducing response. Which is why a combination of the two is needed to effectively manage pain.

Just because you cannot use your favorite strain for muscle pain does not mean you cannot have fun. There are a lot of potent, aromatic, and fun strains out there which you can choose from. 

Here are the top 5 strains which users have found most effective against muscle pain.

1.  White Widow

Extremely famous and one of the worlds most demanded strains in the market, the White Widow originally hails from the Netherlands.

This sativa dominant hybrid was created by combining a Brazillian landrace sativa, with a heavy South Indian indica, and contains a powerful emotional and euphoric boost.

Containing high amounts of CBD coupled with moderate THC levels, the White Widow affects it’s users almost immediately. With a citrusy scent and taste infused with touches of peppercorn, the strain stimulates your mind and boosts energy levels, creativity and imagination.

Combined with this stimulating euphoria, is a warm buzz which is extremely effective in treating sore and aching limbs and muscles, without weighing you down.

While the White Widow is extremely famous for its ability to help it’s users relax and fight pain without feeling weighed down, it has also been used effectively against depression, anxiety, and even PTSD. This is why the White Widow is a strain which you absolutely must try.

2. Sour Diesel

Named after it’s strong pungent smell, this sativa dominant strain is one of the most popular strains for medicinal purposes.

Extremely famous for it’s quick effects, Sour Diesel contains high amounts of CBD and THC. It’s effects settle in almost at once, and are powerful enough to help you manage pain, stress and even depression for long periods of time.

The high caused by Sour Diesel is mostly cerebral. Which means that the strain will help you relax, and recharge, and boost your creativity, imagination, and emotions without weighing you down. But that does not mean that the strain won’t affect your body, because it does result in a nice buzz that will relax your entire body.

If you are looking for a quick fix for throbbing muscles and don’t want to be weighed down, Sour Diesel is one of the best choices you can make.

3. Blue J

Recommended for daytime use, this predominantly sativa strain is one of the best medicinal strains in the market. 

Containing high amounts of CBD and moderate THC volumes, Blue J has a sweet blueberry muffin aroma and taste, and is extremely famous for it’s medicinal abilities. 

Boasting highly potent anti-inflammatory properties, the strain is immensely helpful against many types of chronic pain, and delivers a bodywide buzz which can help people relax even in the most stressful situations.

This is why Blue J is commonly used to treat inflammation, glaucoma, depression and even anxiety, and is viewed by many as the perfect medicinal strain ever.

4. Juicy Fruit

Colorful, aromatic and delicious, Juicy Fruit is arguably one of the most famous cannabis strains out there.

Containing almost evenly balanced amounts of THC and CBD, the strain does offer a high which is both cerebral and euphoric. This can cause some dizziness and delay reactions, which is why it is not recommended for daytime use.

The effects of the strain are felt both in body and mind, creating a state of physical and mental relaxation. Juicy fruit will help you relax, take care of your throbbing and sore muscles, and reduce inflammation, while stimulating your emotions and lightening your mood. At the same time, it tastes and smells amazing as well.

5. Rockstar

This predominantly indica strain contains more THC than CBD, but is arguably one of the most useful strains against muscle pain and spasms.

With a spicy aroma and a taste like mulled wine, Rockstar is one of the most unique indica dominant hybrids in the market. It is famous for its strong hitting effects which relax and soothe aching muscles, without getting you sedated or stoned.

This means that the strain will leave you uplifted, extremely happy, and relaxed in every joint and limb of your body, without any of the typical indica side effects which many people avoid. As a result, this strain is perfect for people who are looking for a cure for muscle pain, as well as an emotional boost.  

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